3 Must-See Objects in the British Museum

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British Museum Attractions

One of the most visited and popular tourist attractions in the city of London is none other than the British Museum. More than thousands of tourists from all over the world tour British Museum to see the world famous artifacts such as the Parthenon frieze and the Rosetta Stone.

Unfortunately, the British Museum is always a bit crowded, which means that first time visitors might find the museum a little bit overwhelming. So, if you are planning to tour British Museum, it is best to compile a list of artifacts that you want to see and stick to the plan. Below are a few objects that you should not miss when you are going on a British Museum guided tour.


You can see the figure of a “mermaid” in the Enlightenment Gallery of the British Museum. This enigmatic object was made in Japan back in the 19th century. The upper part of the mermaid is a monkey’s body while the lower part contains a fish tail. As a result, archeologists believe that this object was made as a joke or to deceive someone. This object is thrilling and alarming at the same time and it also shows us that early collectors were not that interested in the authenticity of artifacts or objects.

Animal Mummies

The collection of Egyptian mummies at the museum still draws hundreds of kids and adults to it. There is no surprise with that because these objects are scary, enthralling, and thought proving. However, the interesting fact about these objects is that they are not the mummified form of humans but that of animals. More than three million animal mummies have been discovered during the excavations in Egypt. If you are visiting British Museum with your kids, then you should certainly take them to see these objects.

Lindow Man

Many tourists do not know the fact that Egyptian mummies are not the only mummies that are put on display in the British Museum. The room 50 of the museum contains the remains of a 24-year-old man from Britain, known as Lindow Man. His body has been preserved in a peat bog but the story behind his demise is still a mystery to tourists and visitors.

In addition to these three objects, you should also try to see the Turquoise snake and the Buddha Statue before you conclude your British Museum guided tour.