Tips On Making A Cell Phone Signal Booster Longer-Lasting

The durability of any product depends on many different factors, including the quality of maintenance. The same goes for cellular devices. To make a cell phone signal booster last for a long time and to make it more reliable, we suggest doing the following things every 2 to 6 weeks.

Check Its Temperature

The amplifier will generally function at around 20 degree Celsius over the temperature present in the area around it. That said, it can work even at up to 65 degree Celsius in an effective way. In the event of feeling too much heat or being bothered that your amplifier is producing excessive heat, contact a technician.

Check Its Connections

Be sure that every cable connection sits tightly and securely enough. Aim to achieve a finger-tight cable connection. Any loose connection possibly affects the booster’s capacity to pick up and transmit cellular signals. An overly tight connection can break or damage small parts, thereby hindering a better booster performance.

Check Cabling For Pinching Or Damage

Be sure that the cables of your cell phone repeater system are not only devoid of any damage but also well-maintained. Frayed, tightly pinched or damaged cables are possibly detrimental to accomplishing the better performance, and these can pose a security risk to your home.

Check The Internal Antenna And External Antenna

The signal strength loss may occasionally happen because of a badly maintained antenna. Both antennae have to be placed in an area where not much obstruction exists in the form of other objects.

Putting the antennae in a peak traffic area, for instance, makes it more likely for these to be damaged. Avoid placing an antenna on the inside of a thick wooden or metal cupboard. Besides, do not put the external antenna below a canopy or structure, or any other place having obstructions between it and the cellular tower.

Restart The Booster

Switch off the booster and then switch it back on. Computer professionals often refer to this process as ‘power-cycling’. For amplifiers in workplaces, residences, and big buildings, just turn the power switch on the amplifier unit to ‘Off’ position and then turn it on.

Do you own a mobile signal booster that is designed for in-vehicle use? If yes, you might have to unplug its power adapter, then wait for some seconds and plug it back again to refresh it.