Stay Connected On The Champs Elysee

A major tourist destination in Paris, Champs-Elysee is a great attraction of Paris city.  The avenue is visited by a large number of domestic and international tourists who flock in to admire the majestic monuments in the avenue, enjoy a splendid shopping experience or lose themselves in the excitement of the festivals organized year round.

The trouble you might face while you visit the top attractions of the avenue is the possible drop in cell phone signal strength. A feasible solution that you can adopt is the installation of a cell phone booster.

Cell Phone Booster

Cell phone booster is a device that is used to increase the strength of cellular signals to enable quality cellular communication. The device consists of three major components; external antenna, amplifier and internal antenna.

External Antenna

The signal boosting function of the cellular signal booster begins at the external antenna end that takes in weak cellular signals available at a location and sends it to the amplifier. The external antenna is connected to the amplifier via cables.


The amplifier boosts the cellular signals send in by the external antenna and transmits it to the internal antenna.

Internal Antenna

Internal antenna rebroadcasts the boosted cellular signals to reception points, i.e our cell phones.

When you are visiting a tourist destination, there is hardly any chance that you stay back at a hotel throughout the trip. Instead, you would be travelling   to must visit destinations, indicating that you would be continuously shifting tower locations, thereby increasing the chances of drops in cellular signal quality.

If you have a cell phone booster that can be fitted in vehicles or one that can be carried freely on your bike trips and walks, you will be free of signal loss troubles.

Portable Signal Boosters

Most cellular signal boosters are designed for fixed installation, indicating that once installed, the boosters cannot be moved around because the external and internal antennas are mounted to walls or roofs of buildings. But fixed signal boosters do not come of use if you are continuously travelling and the best possible option in instances like that is a portable cellular signal booster/ like the At&T Signal Booster. There are also plug and play cell phone boosters that can be moved from vehicles to home and vice versa easily because the installation process does not take more than a few seconds. If you are visiting Champs Elysee, make sure you stay connected by getting a signal booster installed in your home or vehicle.