The PR Behind The Rebuilding Of Notre Dame

It was in the month of April 2019 that the iconic cathedral of Notre dame was ravaged by the demonic fire that destroyed its spire and major part of its roof. The 12th century cathedral housed several artistic masterpieces and is an architectural wonder in itself that attracted visitors from all parts of the world. But sadly, the reconstruction activities and discussions seem to be crawling with no significant moves being taken till this point.

Museums and other tourist places have to focus on public relation goals in order to achieve their objective of attracting visitors and retaining the visitor numbers at the required range. Let us see why PR is important for museums and other public places.

What Is The Importance Of PR?

The benefits that PR strategies offer to businesses are many. Some are discussed below. These are also applicable to all tourist places like museums and cathedrals.

Damage Control

Even if a firm has relevant significance and authority, PR is important, as it is especially beneficial at times of crisis. Take for example the case when a competitor entity is spreading false news about your firm that can influence the public and affect the growth and influence of your firm.

PR solutions offer feasible ways to tackle the spread of false information by proving the information to be false and educating the public. Thus PR effectively reduces the damage caused by crises.

Establish Your Business As A Brand

The present business world is marked by fierce competition that increases the significance of publicity and quality that are quintessential to stay atop of the competition. It is more likely that customers go for leading brands over the lesser known ones, indicating the importance of publicity.

Social Networking

The ever expanding reach of social media in different strands of life has increased the relevance of social networking in business. However, merely gathering likes and follows in social media is not going to contribute much to the expansion of your business.

Lack of engagement deems social profiles worthless. Social media seems to be the ideal platform to communicate the key messages of the company and build efficient customer relationships that reflect in the pace of growth of the company.

In the current circumstance, not implementing PR in social media might cause a loss of at least 30% customers.


Unless your customers are aware about the existence of your business, your firm has a bleak future. By employing efficient PR strategies, keep the customers on track, ensure that they are informed about the business activities and take suggestions from them to maintain a friendly relationship with them.

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