Orange Letting You Down? Boost Your Cell Reception In Paris

If you are the adventurous soul who wishes to cross off the city of Love from your bucket list, you would be in a tough spot if you weren’t connected to the grid. How would you book an online cab? How would you search for the safest route home? How would you find out about the best restaurants to eat? How would you inform your loved ones that you were safe?

The cell phone has transformed into more than just a device, but an extension of one’s hand. An all knowing third eye of sorts!  You can access the internet and call your friends from anywhere on the globe in a moment’s notice. But all is for nothing if your phone cannot get a decent signal to hold onto! This is true for all network providers, not just Orange.

Are there any ways in which you can boost the cell reception of your Orange phone while you’re on the road? We’ll tell

  • Keep Your Phone Well-Fed

Be sure to keep your phone charged. The one thing that your cell phone has to do 24×7 is to keep you connected to the grid! That requires a lot of power from your cell phone’s end. Do not let the battery icon show red below 20%. You can use a portable battery bank to charge on the go. But what if you don’t have one? Then it is all about reducing your phone’s consumption! Be sure to reduce the brightness, and turn off the push notifications of applications that are not important. Further background applications like the footstep counter and mail auto-sync can be forced stopped to reduce the consumption even further! Plus remember to turn your phone to silent rather than vibrate because setting it to vibrate takes 10 times, as much energy as when ringing normally!

  • Step Out Once In A While

You can also step outdoors and raise your hand to get a better signal, because sometimes the materials of the building in which you’re in can sometimes create hell lot of interference!

  • The Trusty Cell Signal Booster

If none of the above helps, then you can always rely on the trusty cell phone booster. You can scour the web or check up with your local tech store to get the best cell phone booster that suits your needs! Be sure however to check the specifications of your network, and choose a cell phone booster that goes hand in hand with your phone!