Where To Find The Best CBD Cream In Paris

To say that CBD has taken the world by storm would be an understatement. The miracle drug that had been kept in the shadows has crept to the light, ever so slowly. It did take quite some time for many world governments to accept and bring in CBD. But the business that boomed as a result of that decision was going to change the landscape for years to come.

Consumers were put in a unique situation where in they had hundreds of suppliers and even more product to choose from, overnight. This would have put many consumers in a bind, unable to make a choice on what kind of CBD product they should bank on to help relieve their ailments.

Paris is one other city in the CBD landscape that has attracted quite a lot of attention; a metropolitan city sprinkled with architecture that would make anyone gawk with awe, the city of love as many millions proclaim. Of the millions who come to Paris to get a sight of the Louvre museum or the Eiffel tower, another such guest that has made its way in the city is CBD.

Many retail shops have opened up at street corners and many international brands have begun shipping their prized CBD goods to the city. The international audience that Paris attracts is also a reason for the sudden boom in the CBD business.

Plenty to choose from, with each product a slight but very critical variation of the other; it is important that consumers know exactly what CBD products they should spend on, and what they should be putting in their bodies.

Our focus here will be on finding the best CBD creams that you could possibly lay your hands on when in Paris. Most of these are retail stores that you can walk upto.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

The seemingly inconspicuous looking bottle sitting on your bedside counter top, containing CBD is one of the most important things to come out of the past century. Even though CBD comes out of hemp or marijuana plant, there are many other such substances much like CBD called ‘cannabinoids’. But although they are same, they are poles apart when it comes to the things you do with it.

The rise in the popularity of CBD can be accredited to two main things; the first being the plethora of benefits that any user is introduced to. Name any day to day ailments that you may have and CBD will be able to help you out. If you have been stressed at work or have been overwhelmed by the amount of studying you have to do for your university examinations, then simply pop a CBD herbal pill or apply CBD cream at your temples. You will be able to relax and get some much needed sleep as well. CBD is a strong pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent and is helpful for anyone having chronic pain, muscle pain and everything else in between.

The second reason is the absence of any intoxicating agents in it. CBD is only therapeutic in nature and not psychoactive in any sense of the word! You can take in CBD products and operate even better throughout the day than if you didn’t! You can apply CBD products like topical creams even on your toddlers; yes that’s how safe this herbal supplement is!

The Places In Paris That Have Top CBD Creams

If you are in the pursuit of finding the best CBD cream in Paris, then the chances are you will find what you are looking for in one of the listed shops below. If you are looking for a particular brand, then you may check at the local retailer or simply buy it from their website and have it shipped to you.

  • CBD Corner or Boutique de CBD à Paris

This is a prime CBD store located at ‘9 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002’ in Paris. This store lives upto the expectation of consumers and has a wide range of CBD creams, balms, lotion and salves to choose from. Apart from the topical treatment, they are quite stocked up when it comes to CBD oils, CBD essential oils mix, CBD capsules, and CBD matcha.

Their CBD creams and wax line up is quite impressive! The CBD Corner’s OG Kush with 90% CBD and 10% terpenes is a fan favourite. This is quite a potent mix that you can instantly pick out the earthy aroma of the CBD along with subtle notes of floral agents, giving it an intensity and marks exceptional quality. Since the potency of the cream is high, you have the option of using it pure or by means of diluting it with other substances as well. You can dilute with coconut oil or milk to make a healthy lotion, or you may add in milk and turmeric with the cream to form a sort of face pack. The things that you can do are plenty and you can mix and match!

The CBD will work towards repairing broken or damaged skin tissue, soothing inflammation and reducing redness. The CBD does well in controlling inflammation as mentioned earlier, and if you are someone who gets all red and bumpy by walking through the bushes, simply put on the CBD cream and let the CBD work its magic. You have the option of either applying it, dabbing it or even spraying it on, if sufficiently diluted!

The floral aromas will also help in relaxing you and keeping you in a state of controlled ‘Zen’, one which I believe would be in much demand!

Another one of their signature CBD creams is the Amnesia. The second you open the lid, you will be hit by the wafting scent of cardamom and limonene. The CBD content is again quite strong and you have the option of enjoying it pure or mixed. Simply rub the CBD mix in between your finger; the heat from your fingers will help melt a lot of the fats and ingredients in the CBD cream. Once that is done, apply generously at the problem areas. You will notice a marked difference in both the quality of your skin as well as the texture; your skin will turn more soft and supple to the touch!

CBD Corner’s Sour diesel is another addition to their inventory. This is one cream that is noted for its authentic and original mystical like flavours. Even the connoisseurs in the olfactory department would not be able to contemplate all of the exotic, sweet and fruity aromas that will greet you when you open the lid of the container. An all-day cream that is so light to the touch that you will feel it is not even on you. A great product, by a respected CBD company.

  • Deli Hemp

This is one store at ‘5 Rue De La Feuillade, 75001’ in Paris that oozes luxury the minute you step in. But surprisingly the prices aren’t all that expensive when compared to the premium quality of the product they offer. You can immediately see the effort that they have taken in the product by looking at the packaging, which is sleek and minimalistic. If you have a home that is a blend of glass and metal, then this will fit right in!

Deli Hemp’s Ultra soothing Cream is one of their signature products that contain 30 ml of the cream with 1% CBD. The cream is cooling to the touch and is extremely light. An all-day cream that will protect your skin from the harsh sun and the dirt and at the same time nourish your skin and keep it moisturized throughout the day. With the hectic lifestyle that many of us have, the time we can spare to sit down and take care of our skin is very little. Having a great product like the Ultra Soothing Cream can help you get the skin care on the go!

You also have the option of applying this before a night of good sleep to ensure that the CBD repairs and heals your skin as you slip into nirvana. There are other essential oils that help the CBD do its job better and the aroma that shroud you after you apply the cream is to die for!

If you are someone who gets sweaty on the field and needs a herbal remedy to ease the muscle aches, then look no further than Deli Hemp’s Rich Sports Cream. The cream is a daily remedy for athletes that need to be healed before their next day’s work out or activity. The various essential oils in the mix includes pepper mint, eucalyptus, cinnamon, cloves and cajuput. There is also a cooling effect that quells inflammation due to the menthol and camphor. This product is one that has been researched and tested numerous times, which you will notice in how beautifully effective it is against your aching joints and cramps.

The Cream is anti-inflammatory and does well for the back, sore joints and tendonitis. Simply apply the cream at the problem area and CBD will take care of the rest.

Deli Hemp has many stores scattered all across Paris so be sure to check them. You can ask for their quality check certificates, and this will tell you everything you need to know about the product you are buying from them. They make sure to give their customers the top of the line, premium CBD products that meet all the requirements and safety measures. This is so that, you can get the best of the CBD and not look back!

The Final Note

This about rounds up the top places where you can get the best CBD creams in Paris. Be sure to conduct your own research and you may even find a hidden gem of a store, that missed our eyes!