Are You Called To Court Over A Real Estate Lawsuit? Here’s What You Need To Do

Getting a legal notice is not fun. Especially if you are a newbie, then it is bound to freak you out, let alone upset you. If we were to pen down the range of emotions that you will be going through, fear and anger would definitely be on the list…further down would be concern.

From the flooding emotions forms questions; to know with clarity regarding what the situation is and to know how badly in a soup you have landed yourself into.

Can I go to jail?

Will I lose it all?

Will I lose my professional license?

How much will this cost me?

What should I do? Who should I call? Where do I need to Ggo?

Well, to be honest, we have all been there. The fear of the unknown is enough to tremble even the steadiest of men and women. To help you calm down and ground you, we will be taking a look at some truths that you should be aware of:

Civil Lawsuit Can’t Challenge Your Liberty

Incarceration aka locking you up behind bars is not an available component for the damages or relief, which a civil court can award to the litigant. The only thing that civil lawsuits are aimed at is money. Nobody will want to lock you up in a civil court.

The Opportunity For Settlement And Negotiation Is Endless

Most of the lawsuits that go to trial are only a fraction of the lawsuits that are filed. A major chunk of them are settled outside the courtroom, and others are dismissed. The reason why this is the case is that every lawsuit has risks- there is no certainty in the courthouse.

This uncertainty means that settlements end up taking center stage. Plus, to further encourage settlements, trials take long and the dates can get postponed. This delay in law and justice means that expenses get piled up. This again opens up the doors for dialogue between the two parties.

Just because a civil lawsuit is filed does not mean that the door to settlement is thrown shut on your face.

If you are new to the circuit and are still unable to resolve the matter outside the courthouse, then worry not. There are people who are experienced and do this for a living. Real estate legal firms such as ours have the track record and the expertise to back you. You can learn more on the topic by visiting our website.