5 Ways to Eliminate the Hazards Posed by your Garage Door

garage door repair

Your home’s garage door is basically one large moving part which could possibly malfunction in a variety of ways. For the sake of safety, it is imperative to arrange it so this does not happen when you are unprepared. Another reason to take this approach is that being a good portion of one of the sides of your house, the garage door also plays into people’s first impression of it.

The Spring System

Older garage doors have a common problem with the counterweight system used for moving the doors. If the springs need repairing or adjusting, call a garage door repair crew right away. These things have a usable lifespan of seven years at the most, and putting off a replacement for longer could spell trouble as well as danger.

The Nuts and Bolts

Squeaky garage doors call for checking the nuts and bolts to ensure they are secured properly. If they are loose on the hinges, tighten them properly before opening the door.

Garage Rollers

Rollers are not supposed to slide, so if the ones on your garage door do, it may be time for a replacement. Call your first garage door installation service and find out the specifications of what you need to buy. Go out and buy rollers of good quality, and call a garage door repair service to come and set them in properly.

The Metal Parts

Rust is always bad, and garage doors pose no exception. With enough rusting, the parts can wear out well before they should. Proper and frequent lubrication added to them (spring, tracks, rollers, etc.) can guarantee that the parts stay in good shape for much longer.

The Opening System

Newer garage door opening systems often come with an automatic reversal feature, which enhances the safety of both people and objects. What this does is reverse the direction of the moving door when it hits a solid object. If you have a child, vehicle, or pet, in the path of the opening or closing garage door, the latter simply stops and moves backward when it encounters one of them.

Whatever you set out to do with your garage door, it is smart to prefer having an expert do the heavy lifting, so to speak. They would know a lot more about what is safe, as well as what works.