Why Visit the Jardin Du Luxembourg in Paris City

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You will be in the mix of a diverse set of crowd with varied interests when in Jardin du Luxembourg – some into photography, others into sightseeing. The origins of the garden situated in the midst of Left Bank of Paris traces back to the 17th Century. It was a part of the Luxembourg Palace, which now serves as the residence of the French Senate. You can access the Luxembourg Gardens premises, enjoy strolling through it, and appreciate its enchanting beauty when on Paris sightseeing tours.

The royal palace overlooks a portion of Jardin du Luxembourg featuring geometric shapes and a row of grass and flowers with a pond in the center. The famous garden in the 6th arrondissement of the capital city has several statues, fountains, playgrounds, and is even home to beehives that are being kept in an apiary inside the garden. The tourists and Parisians love to try merry-go-around in the garden with kids since an area of Jardin du Luxembourg has carousels for that.

Luxembourg is often the first garden that springs to mind when someone asks which is the best garden in Paris City to go with kids. There are also remote control boats on the pond inside the garden making it a kid-friendly place for sightseers.

Parisians often throng this garden after schools close in the evening, on weekends or on holidays with their family. There are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy in the Jardin du Luxembourg including playing tennis, chess, and card games, or even sipping wine. In case you want to enjoy a picnic with tour members, this Parisian garden spanning close to sixty acres of land is an ideal place to be in.

The garden has a 19th Century orangerie, which is home to different varieties of plants including oleanders and palm trees. There are several deck chairs and green pastures in the garden, so those on Paris sightseeing tours can afford to sit down and a have a relaxing good time when on a visit. If you are into photography, make it a point to capture the Davioud pavilion, Médicis fountain, and several other statues in the garden premises. When you see a beehive, don’t forget to stop a minute and soak in the gorgeous sight.