Why Paris’ Fourth District is Worth a Visit

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Several tourists who are going on their first Paris sightseeing tours are not aware of the fact that the French capital has been divided into twenty different administrative districts or arrondissements. Each district is different from the other and they are special in their own way.

Some of these Parisian districts are more ‘touristy’ than the others are, as a few of the neighborhoods prefer to remain calm and quiet. However, all the 20 districts in the city are worth a visit. So, try to cover at least a dozen of the unique and elegant districts in the city before ending your Paris city tour.

One of the finest administrative districts or arrondissements in the City of Lights is undoubtedly the fourth district, which houses the famous Le Marais neighborhood. If the Parisian dressing styles ever inspire you and urge you to renew your wardrobe to look like a native, head straight to any one of the famous brands or vintage stores in the district.

Another fascinating thing you will notice while taking a stroll through the elegant streets of Paris’ fourth district is that the place is filled with open-minded people. Everyone in the district is free to dress the way want and become who he or she wants to be. If you wish to witness Parisians bursting with joy and energy, you must schedule a visit to the fourth district of City of Lights.

It is seen that several people who have not been to this Parisian district wonder if they be able to see any attractions or popular tourist spots in this part of the city. If you are one among them, you need to take note of the fact that you can find several stunning buildings, iconic monuments, museums, and more in all twenty districts of Paris, including the Le Marais district.

To name one, the Eglise Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis church is one of the major attractions in Le Marais. It might come as a surprise to you when you hear the fact that this baroque church is one among the first Jesuit churches in the French capital. Another must-visit spot in the district is the lovely garden, Square Jean XXII. The cathedral surroundings of this sweet and charming garden will make you fall in love with this place.

In addition to these two places, tourists who love to explore the fourth district of Paris should try to visit the Crypte Archéologique, Flowers Market, and Place des Vosges as well before ending Paris sightseeing tours.