Why Explore Île Saint Louis Island When on Paris Sightseeing Tours

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Île Saint Louis is one of the two natural islands, which reside on the Seine River. The other natural island is the Île de la Cité, whereas Île aux Cygnes is a manmade island in Paris city. Eponymous of King Louis IX, Île Saint Louis offers islanders and visitors an unparallel tourist hub, which boasts of pristine beauty. The island is considered as an oasis in the midst of Paris and going there would offer you ideal leisure activities.

Besides, this is a must-visit place to explore on Paris sightseeing tours as an escapade from all the hustle and bustle of Paris city. Île Saint Louis has streets that facilitate only one-way traffic, is home to bus stations, and has no metro stations.

Most people go to the island in the 4th arrondissement of Paris to visit the Catholic Church Saint-Louis-en-I’Île. The island’s lone church traces back to 1622 and boasts of wood doors featuring angel decors and stunning adobes. However, Île Saint Louis has many other sites as well, which you may want to include into your itinerary to make the most of your Paris sightseeing tours.

Shopping at Boutiques

Boutique stores and other shopping places are lined up near Saint-Louis-en-I’Île. If you need to take back home some souvenirs for your friends and family, this is one of the best places in Paris worth shopping at. Since this is the winter sales in the city capital, there are many discounts and offers available too.

Pont Saint-Louis Bridge

Pont Saint-Louis connects the islanders at Île Saint Louis with the bordering Île de la Cité island. The popular bridge in the island often features many of the street performers like jugglers and street artists, who perform skills much to the entertainment of the visitors.

Jazz and Dine at Frank Pinot

French photographer Eugène Atget once captured the doorway of Frank Pinot at a time when it was a small and affordable restaurant. Now it is a jazz joint, which traces origins all the back to 17th Century. The jazz club resides adjacent to the intersection point of the Pont Marie Bridge, and a visit to the place would surely uplift your spirits.