When is the Best Time to Cruise through the River Seine in Paris

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Exploring the romantic sights along the Left and Right Bank of Paris is a one of a kind experience that must not be missed. What better way to try it out than take a boat cruise through River Seine. In fact, there are many tour operators in Paris that offer river Seine cruise that culminates in a dinner at the Eiffel Tower, so why not go one-step further?

To cruise through the waterways in major European cities means to explore the static and the moving; when in Paris, you can choose Seine River cruise packages that combine sightseeing and gourmet food. The ideal time for that is usually from May through to September mid, which is when the climate in Paris is relatively warm with clear blue skies. Even winter and fall season Seine cruises are tempting, but be mindful of the fact that frequent downpour can turn the outing into an indoor boat tour.

Obviously, the cruisers in Paris have roofing that can be closed if it is raining, but you will have to sit inside the boat and peep through glass windows to enjoy the scenic sights in the City of Lights. Paris city is classified into Left and Right bank, as per the positioning of the landmarks. For simple explanation, if a place resides to the left of Seine, when going downstream, it is called the Left Bank, and if it resides to the right, you are seeing the Right Bank.

The best part of a Seine cruise is photography; the romantic sights along the river can make you into a shutterbug. In fact, each and every Paris city tours offer several stunning monuments for photography enthusiasts. Even if you pass through them in a few fleeting moments on a boat when on a River Seine tour, you will leave with a lasting memory about Paris.

Places to see in the Left Bank include the Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, Musée d’Orsay, Eiffel Tower, Hôtel des Invalides, whereas the Right Bank is home to the Grand Palais. There are several other tourist attractions in Paris as well, that are in the range of sight when cruising along the Seine River. If you choose Paris sightseeing tours during the autumn season, dusky light hitting the waterways or foliage of autumn trees at Île Saint-Louis Island makes for a picturesque outing.