Visiting the French Capital on a Budget

Paris Sightseeing Tours
Paris Sightseeing Tours

French Capital Tour

Paris is considered to be one of the most visited metropolitan cities in Europe. With proper planning, tourists can access a spree of tourist hubs in Paris in an economical manner. The city is so attractive that there is no limit to what tourists can do in Paris. Below are some tips to help manage tourists who onboard Paris sightseeing tours with modest budget.

Plan Museum Visits as Per Seasons

Paris museums host unlimited edition of art and paintings. Tourists tend to get a pass known as the Museum Pass to beat the crowd even during peak seasons. Some of the top French museums in Paris include the Picasso Museum, Rodin Museum, Musee d’Orsay, and the Louvre. Visiting all the museums might not be that easy, but skipping the Louvre takes some planning from the tourist’s part as well.

Indulge in Window Shopping

There are plenty of tourist hubs in Paris, which offer free sights to the sore eyes. Some of the easiest Parisians attractions to access include the Notre Dame and the banks of the River Seine. Tourists can also indulge in shopping in the busy markets of the Marais District.

Stay at a Parisian Hotel

Some of the Parisian hotels give a close-up view of the Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Élysées. Since some Paris sightseeing tours go slow, tourists would have to stay somewhere. At places such as the Latin Quarter, for instance, there are spots that hold the Eiffel Tower right in the center. However, choosing a hotel stay entirely depends on your budget.

Food from a French Eatery

There are a lot of multi-cuisine restaurants in Paris, and then, there are the French eateries which serve food in broad daylight. These French eateries have Chinese food, Vietnamese food, Italian food, and even something that the Caribbean’s love. The good thing about an eatery is that tourists would not have to read through a large menu to figure out what to eat.

Finding the Feet in Paris

No tour can be more understated and modest as the Paris sightseeing tours. Tourists can bring a tour guide alongside, by contacting the tour administrator or the travel agent. However, the metropolitan city renowned for its traffic also stages the bicycle show from time to time. In fact, the Paris tours are a pedestal among all the European tours.