Top Three Underrated Spots in the French Capital

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There will be hardly anyone, who does not dream of exploring the beautiful city of Paris. It is hard to believe that this dramatic city is real and not some set from the fairytale movies. The city is crammed with beautiful and must-see attractions in every nook and cranny. What’s more, there are many underrated places in the city, where you can escape the tourist pandemonium. Some of such offbeat places in the French capital that you can explore during your Paris city tours are listed below. These places are sure to make your trip even more exciting and enjoyable.

Gaîté Lyrique

This is one of the beautiful museums in Paris, which are perfect for adults as well as children. This museum is rich with exceptional art and creativity. This was really a 19th century music hall, which was converted into an enlightening museum later. The contrasting nature of the traditional construction of the building and the trendy items showcased over here is really overwhelming.

Furthermore, there are many activities over here such as imaginary storytelling, concerts, dance performances, workshops, and drawing. So, you can tag along your kids as well without any second thoughts. Additionally, there is an ultramodern, free library on the first floor of the building. It is open to everyone, and consists of plenty of soothers for video game-fanatics.

La Pagoda

This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful theaters in the French capital. La Pagoda is the solitary theater in the 7th arrondissement. In this Japanese tower, the walls in the biggest rooms are hung with silk fabric and the aesthetic candleholders over here are held by elephants and golden dragons.

To add to its beauty, there is an amazing Asian garden, which provides a cultural history as well to the La Pagoda theater. Besides, you can also relish the drool-worthy tarts and ginger tea from the café here after watching your favorite movie.

Le Marché de Belleville

Le Marché de Belleville is one of the best markets in Paris that is sure to invite you in with the aroma of spices, oil, strange edible roots, freshly roasted meat, etc. This is the one of the best way o explore the whole world in a single day, as there will be nothing on earth that you cannot find in this ethnic food market.

Another important feature of this food market is that the items over here are really cheap, as it is located in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Paris. You can also find some good bargains in Belleville if you are able to shimmy your way through the mob.