The Tipping Culture in Paris

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Paris Tipping Culture

The priority of customer service is really low in Paris, unlike most other cities. The fact that Paris is a tourist destination adds to the amazement. Anyhow, the etiquette of giving tips to your server is really scarce in the French capital. Still, some tourists will not be able to stop themselves from calculating 20% of their overall bill and give it to their server as a token of gratitude. On the other hand, some foreigners take advantage of this situation and opt to avoid paying tip to their server.

Some tourists may avoid paying tips since the service charge is also included in their overall bill amount. If you are planning to go on Paris sightseeing tours and is in a dilemma whether or not to give tip to your servers, you may follow the points given below. Understanding the Parisian tipping culture is really important if you are interested in becoming a regular customer at any of the Parisian restaurants.

When to Tip

  • If a server is extremely nice to you throughout his service or if he goes out of his way in order to explain about the Parisian dishes or wine, tipping him a decent amount is ideal. Either you can calculate 15 to 20% of your overall bill amount to estimate his tip or you may leave money up to 5 Euros.
  • When riding a taxi in Paris, you will understand how difficult it is to drive amidst the traffic and crowd in the city. In addition, if your driver is nice to you and helps you in lifting your luggage, finding the destination, and more, he deserves a small tip for sure. Furthermore, most taxi drivers will expect a tip.
  • It is true that you would have to pay a good amount to hire a tour guide. Still, your guide deserve a decent tip if he/she goes overboard in order to explain important things about the city or if the person is really helpful and do things that are not included in the service.

When Not To Tip

  • There are a number of cafes in the French capital and the total bill amount you will have to pay for having a croissant and snack at any of these cafes will be around 5 Euros. In such cases, it is not necessary to tip your server.
  • You do not have to pay extra money to your bartenders since most of the bars in Paris city follow a no-tip rule. The same thing is applicable to night clubs as well.