The Main Attractions Inside and Outside Musée Rodin in Paris

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Musée Rodin was opened to the public in 1919 in Paris’s Rue de Varenne Street and offers a plethora of artworks by Auguste Rodin. The museum in the midst of Paris is named after the French sculptor, and is a must-visit place when you are on Paris sightseeing tours. Just outside the museum is the famous Sculpture garden, an attraction on its own to the visitors on Rodin museum. It features many of the bronze sculptures of its visionary creator including ‘The Gates of Hell’, ‘The Three Shades’, and ‘Burghers of Calais’ to name a few.

‘The Gates of Hell’ by Auguste Rodin features a mini version of ‘The Thinker’, among other well-known Rodin sculptures. It depicts a scene from a chapter that feature in the ‘Divine Comedy’, a poem by Italian poet Dante Alighieri. The Sculpture garden also gives visitors a view of ‘Honoré de Balzac’, a free-standing statute that represents the French novelist of the same name known for his depiction of 19th Century Parisian society.

A visit to Musée Rodin is complete only if you enter ‘Hôtel Peyrenc de Moras’, the former mansion turn museum. The mansion that houses the museum in Paris city is now known as Hôtel Biron. Get inside the Rodin museum and the main artworks of the French sculptor are shown on its exhibit floors alongside Camille Claudel’s works, who was Rodin’s student cum a woman French sculptor.

Rodin’s most treasured white marble sculpture titled ‘The Kiss’, is the main highlight of the museum. It depicts star-crossed lovers Francesca da Rimini and Paolo Malatesta embracing each other and sharing a kiss. Their tragic tale features in Dante’s famous work ‘Divine Comedy’, and Rodin immortalizes it through sheer craftsmanship.

Another sculpture that features in the Musée Rodin is the ‘Fugit Amor’, which features two figures combined into one in perfect fashion by Rodin. In fact, they also appear in ‘The Gates of Hell’, in the Sculpture garden.

Alongside ‘The Marble Gallery’, the garden featuring Rodin sculptures are standout attractions of Musée Rodin. Sculpture garden in the museum premises spans over 3 hectares, and is divided into small gardens surrounding the Hôtel Biron. While you walk through the Sculpture garden, also make it a point to visit a small restaurant in the midst of the garden for refreshments. Make the most of Paris sightseeing tours by including Musée Rodin into your itinerary.