The Charisma of the Oldest Buildings in the French Capital

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Paris City Tours

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Paris is one of the most charismatic cities in the world that will make you instantly fall in love with it. The city is crammed with many fashion boutiques, palatial restaurants, street food stores, cobblestones pathways, amazing culture, and many more. In fact, these attractions make Paris one of the best cities to explore.

Talented architects have made many amazing monuments and sculptures in Paris that will blow your mind for sure. However, none of these comes even close to the oldest buildings in the city that are known for their inimitable charm.

Many philosophers claim that the soul of Paris is in these ancient constructions. Note that there are numerous ancient buildings in the city, and hence, it will be an overwhelming task for you to choose a few. Besides, every monument has its own uniqueness and attraction. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the medieval best constructions in the French capital that you may explore on your Paris city tours.

Note Dame De Paris

There will be hardly any local, who has not explored Notre Dame de Paris. In fact, all tourists will make sure that this gothic cathedral is included in their Paris city tours itinerary.

This is one of the most ancient buildings in the city. The construction of Notre Dame began in 1163 and surprisingly, the construction process lasted for around 100 years. The sculpture and design of this Catholic Church are quite remarkable.

La Sorbonne

La Sorbonne is one of the esteemed universities in the French capital. It is also one of the ancient buildings in Paris that was constructed in 1257 by Robert de Sorbonne. Unlike these days, it was solely dedicated to theology when it started functioning.

The schools here were exclusively dedicated to monks, scribes, and others who were associated with divinity in the medieval era. The university is also referred to as the student district.

La Sainte Chappelle

No one knows when the construction of La Sainte Chappelle begun. However, historians claim that the construction of the edifice was completed in 1248. The Chappelle is constructed with two floors; the ground floor is the real chappelle and the royal relics are exhibited on the top floor.

During the French Revolution, the exterior of the chapel, as well as the relics that represented royalty and affluence, were destroyed. Currently, the monument is known for its stained glass architecture.