Taking a Skyline View of Paris

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The best way to zero-in on the outskirts of a city is to simply stand on a tall building and look around. Paris has many such buildings that give spectators a skyline view of the suburbs and the cluttered traffic. Below is a list of such places, keeping in mind those who go on a spree of Paris sightseeing tours.

Nocturnal View from the Arc De Triomphe

At the far end of Champs-Élysées, there is a large junction derived from the Arc de Triomphe and the Grande Arche. Often, the place is crowded with tourists, with some leading towards a subway where entrance tickets are being sold. It is hard to spot that subway, but once you do, you could scale the 50 meters high building to explore the bustling traffic.

Exploring Vineyards from the Butte Bergeyre

Being so scarce in number, very few tourists know about the existence of vineyards in Paris. Nevertheless, one could bargain the Paris sightseeing tours administrators to take to this hilltop with three staircases. The yards could only be seen from above any one of them situated in the 19th Administrative Village. Turn the GPS on to know how to reach there.

Free View from the Galeries Lafayette

This popular departmental store is situated in the 9th Administrative District. Oftentimes, it is the rich people, who go there for purchase in royal sedan cars and luxurious limos. In case you are good with playing smart, you may as well try wearing a tuxedo and do a bit of window-shopping here, before taking it to the rooftop. Well, that is where you can explore the small world without entrance fees.

Parishes from Above Sacred Heart of Paris

If you take into account the tipping point of the Montmartre hill, the Basilica of Sacré-Cœur ranges up to approximately 210 meters high. Sightseeing is one thing, but the 80-meters high Roman Catholic Church leads all kinds of people to the almighty himself. The second-highest vantage point, better known as the Sacred Heart of Paris, gives an overview of the parishes far off.

There is more to Paris than great scenery and you can rearrange the above locations as per your schedule and the time during your Paris sightseeing tours. Have fun!