Scary Places to Visit in Paris

Paris sightseeing tours

Paris Sightseeing Tours

Paris has a lot of famous attractions that lure in a lot of people from everywhere in the world all-round the year. With its magnificent buildings, wonderful monuments, spectacular museums, and beautiful landscape, Paris never fails to fill its visitors with awe.

However, if you are a person who craves something different during your Paris city tours, then you will never get disappointed, as this city offers a lot of exciting options for you. One of such thrilling activity includes the visit to scary and haunted places in Paris. If you are in for the adventure, read along to find out some of the scariest destinations in Paris that will give you a blood-curling and mind numbing-experience.

Cimetière du Père Lachaise

This is the largest cemetery in Paris and it is known across the world as the final resting place of some of the musical legends including Edith Piaf, Frederic Chopin, and Jim Morrison and literary giants like Gertrude Stein and Oscar Wilde.

While most of the graveyards in France will have a neat and geometric style, Père Lachaise is like a never-ending maze which contains winding paths that are lined along both sides by elaborate tombs and many religious statutes. It is easy for you to get lost around this cemetery on a quiet morning and may cause your bones to chill if you stumble across something unexpected in the mist that adds a spooky feeling to this place.

Le Manoir de Paris

It is a combination of a haunted house and a museum of the macabre. This two-storied building is filled with thrills and spooks that will terrify the visitors. The themes will change occasionally and it drags up the horrifying parts of the brutal past of Paris. The attractions and the actors of this haunted house are hell-bent on making everyone who passes through the halls petrified. It is creepy and hilarious at the same time and it will provide a great experience for those want to make their Paris trip an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Le Musée des Vampires

This is the only museum dedicated to vamps in the entire world. It is actually a private institution that is run by a well-known vampirologist Jacques Sirgent and exhibits many scary objects that he had collected from some of the odder websites on the internet, local flea market and even from graveyards. One of the scariest and finest collection of this museum includes an authentic vampire protection kit that existed in the 19th-century, a mummified cat, etc. Being silly and scary at the same time, this attraction is worth a visit during your Paris city tours.

Cimetière de Montparnasse

It is the second-largest cemetery in Paris and contains the tombs of some of the great thinkers and writers who had left their own marks in the history of Paris. Some of the famous personalities who rest here include Charles Pierre Baudelaire, Samuel Beckett and Simone de Beauvoir. In the past, this place was home to three farms and you can still the ruins of a windmill that existed here. But now this site is surrounded by huge office buildings and tall apartment blocks on all sides. The tallest among all these buildings is the Tour Montparnasse and it offers an excellent opportunity to spot ghosts from a sensible and safe distance.

Musée Fragonard

Usually, the name Fragonard is associated with the sweeter side of life including perfumes and paintings. However, it happens that one of the cousins of this renowned family, the veterinary surgeon Honore Fragonard was an expert of a darker act that is known as cadaver preservation. This museum holds his collection of dried and pickled organs and limbs and even complete figures.

One of the most scary exhibits of this museum includes a flayed man sitting on the back of a horse that is similarly treated. This place is now used for educational purposes. However, the sight of a skinless man staring at you is enough to fill your sleep with nightmares.

The towers and crypts of Notre-Dame

On a bright sunny day, the Cathédrale de Notre-Dame is far from a spooky place, and it is also a brilliant example of gothic architecture. However, when it is dark and there is no one around this building, there is something frightening about the shadows that are cast by the swooping arches of this structure. To get the most scary experience in this cathedral, visit it during the night. This will give you a bone-chilling experience during your Paris sightseeing tours.

La Crypte du Panthéon

Situated in the heart of the Latin Quarter, the Panthéon and its crypt welcome the visitors with a gruesome painting which depicts St Denis lifting a decapitated head. The corridors that lead to the crypts can induce an unsettling feeling, however, the tombs will create a sense of admiration and respect than fright.