Paris: The City of Uninhibited Romance

Paris Sightseeing Tours
Paris Sightseeing Tours

City of Uninhibited Romance

“We will always have Paris,” said a suave Rick to Ilsa towards the climax of Casablanca. It is true that couples on Paris sightseeing tours tend to tread along the tourist hubs, in a romantic mood. Apparently, there are so many ways to rekindle the romance in Paris with one being scaling the Eiffel Tower and kissing each other mid-way. Well, here are other six easiest ways to rekindle the romance in Paris Tours.

Taking a Heady Trip Down Under

The Moulin Rouge is the city’s alluring and sexy nodal point famous among Parisians. Well, if you are that adventurous it might be a great idea to go there at night with your better half.

Enjoying a Religious Sunset

Enjoying the sunset from the steps of Sacré-Cœur is romanticism in divine style! This famous Roman Catholic Church is popular among couples going on Paris sightseeing tours.

Romance in Cruise

An afternoon spent on the Seine River in a boat will be much rewarding to the couples on Paris city tours. The river is truly an epicenter, being a nearby tourist destination that connects Notre Dame.

Throwing Eyeballs on Each Other

Quotidian as this may seem, but couples do enjoy throwing eyeballs and walking by the sides of famous eateries in the French capital. Paris tours go at a leisurely pace, so you would get to see other couples doing the same. You are never short of inspiration.

Turning Mad With Love Devotee

Does that sound boring to you? Well, consider spending a buck on ornaments for your better half. Word has it that a locksmith near Pont Des Arts has great collection of ornate locks that can keep the embers of love burning inside the minds of couples.

Posing In the Louvre

Visit Louvre museum and turn statue aside some of the statues, or explore the art works. The picturesque garden offers plenty sights to see, which couples cherish for a lifetime.

Paris sightseeing tours bank heavily on the romantic interests of touring couples, the pastries in the open market in particular. Pastries will fill your appetite and cuddling each other in broad daylight will satisfy your minds. Nothing quite like being completely uninhibited.