How to Prepare for a Parisian Winter

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Winters are a very cold affair in Paris, and hence a lot of preparations are needed to visit the French Capital. Besides, with the snow blanketing almost everything, the city puts on yet another of its beautiful faces in the cold season. Make sure you gather enough information regarding the weather before heading to the city. Below are a few ways to prepare well for a winter in Paris.

Commuting in Paris during the Winter

The best and efficient way to travel around Paris is by the metro. It is not only fast but is affordable as well. The best thing is that it can be trusted even in winters. You do not have to worry about the stoppages. Buy a metro ticket to your preferred destination one at a time, or get a weekly metro pass or a 10-ticket-set according to your needs. What’s more, it is safe and easy as well, when compared to the other modes of traveling for Paris sightseeing tours.

Remember, that walking around the city will be quite a treat to the eyes. The whole city would be decked out and you will see snow blanketing everything. The whole city looks dreamy under the white cover. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take a Paris walking tour. Yet make sure that you wear the proper walking shoes and equip yourself well to face the harsh cold.

If you go with the right set of gear, you can definitely enjoy the weather. There is also the option of renting a bike for a trip to the city. You can find many places to rent a bike in Paris for very low prices.

What to Pack for Paris in Winter

It is true that Paris would be a wonderland in the winter. However, it would be a huge mistake to go to the city without carrying the right gear to protect your body from the unrelenting cold. You will be able to enjoy the city to the fullest only if you are feeling peaceful in the prevailing weather. Make sure you pack a set of good clothes for the trip. Below are a few tips on the type of dress you have to carry.

  • Fleece Lined Leggings: Regardless of your gender, it is very important that you bring along your fleece lined leggings. It is better to carry two pairs so that you can use according to the need. The best thing about these is that they are very lightweight and they protect the body from the harsh cold. Furthermore, they do not take up much space.
  • Warm Winter Dresses: Jeans and pants are limited when it comes to protecting you from the cold. Pack at least 3 layers of winter clothing on your winter excursion. Choices like cool boots and a stylish woolen cap must be enough to keep you elegant and warm as you wander around the city.
  • Long Sleeve Thermal Tops: Thermal tops are a must while you are traveling to the French capital in the winter. These are capable of trapping the body heat and keeping the body warm while the temperature outside dips to subzero levels. These go well when worn underneath your other tops.
  • Comfy Knit Hat: Knit hats are a must if you are planning to spend your winter days in Paris. Note that the majority of the body heat is lost through the head region. Hence, it is essential that you protect this outflow of heat with something effective. Apart from protecting your head and ears from the cold wind, they also look cute on you. Do not forget to get one or more of these when you pack for a Parisian winter.
  • A Solid Pair of Waterproof Boots/Shoes: It is quite possible to bring lighter shoes and get away unscathed, but it is not recommended. The best choice is to purchase a pair of waterproof shoes. While these may be a bit costly, it does come in handy in winters. You can get outdoors without worrying about getting wet because sometimes slight drizzles are also seen in the winter. You do not have the need for snow boots unless it is snowing.
  • A Winter Jacket: One of the main things o bring to your Parisian winter tour is the winter jacket, even better if it were a waterproof jacket. These will be the ideal layer above the thermal layers and will complete full protection from the cold. With this jacket on, you can wander around without worrying about shivering or getting ill.
  • Warm Gloves: This may be one of the things, that you may forget but it is highly important. Your hands get cold quickly and a pair of gloves is a necessity in these weathers. You can purchase a pair of touch screen gloves if you want to access your smartphone a lot without taking them off.