Exploring Coinage and a Piece of History in Paris City

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Exploring Paris Coinage

Since the New Year’s Day 2002, the Euro Coins and Euro Currencies have been in use for the cash transactions in France. People from around the world, especially the Parisians, fondly call the Monnaie de Paris as the Paris Mint or simply as ‘The Mint’. You may want to visit the Musée du 11 Conti especially if you find the history behind how the collector’s coins are made and designed interesting.

The recently reopened museum gets its name from being a part of the Monnaie de Paris building and holds a special exhibit for tourists on Paris sightseeing tours. The exhibit is divided into three sections, which recycle the coinage making process and you can catch them all during your Paris tours.

Create: Science and Technology

In this section, you can get a partial, behind-the-scene view of the workshops that create the coins and learn about the foundry and the sculpting process. The title “create” reveals the trade secrets of the coin makers in the Monnaie de Paris and you can see them during specific time slots and specified days in a given week.

Reveal: Treasures and History of Art

The in-house heritage coins and treasured objects are displayed in this setting with explanation from modern designers. The collections range up to multiples of 1000s, no more than 2500, and are being revealed to people on Paris sightseeing tours for the first time in the 11 Conti Museum from Tuesdays to Sundays from 11:00 am to 07:00 pm.

Trade: History & Economics

This part of the museum holds aboard all the forms of coins, which exist around the world using a 3D installation. Their workforce now banks on the coin collectors and the tourists to give the institution a longer lease of existence, and the museum has adapted to changing times to make it work.

The Monnaie de Paris, found in 864 AD, is one of French government’s age-old institutions commissioned for producing euro coins in circulation for France, souvenir medals, and other foreign currency. Ever since the year 1775, the Monnaie de Paris has enjoyed its presence on the banks of the River Seine, where workers chisel, press, and engrave the gold coins, the medals, and the memorabilia.

Paris sightseeing tours will give you a chance if you are into coins and history, and so will the institution, provided that you pay to explore what has been in circulation. “Here we mint coins which still have a value,” says Aurelien Rousseau CEO of Monnaie de Paris while adding “But it is indeed more often collectors who are interested in these products.”