Best Places to Look for Artistic Souvenirs in Paris

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Paris is known for its artistic attractions and its love for creative endeavors. There are several places in the city where you can pick up souvenirs that are ideal to find this out. The souvenir shops in the city are quite a treat for those who love creative items and decorative objects. Below is a discussion on the best places to find souvenirs while you are on your Paris private tours

La Super Marquette

This is a great place to shop for authentic materials made in France. This includes traditional knick-knacks from various manufacturers across the country. There are wool berets in all colors, soaps from Marseille, dishware, and finally, vintage postcards. There are all kinds of items that you would want to take back from a city like Paris. You can have a conversation with the owner o understand a little more about the history of every item. This shop has something for all types of travelers. Note that since the items sold are authentic French stuff, it costs more than the usual Chinese goods.

Galeries Lafayette

This gallery offers items ranging from perfumes, shoes, cosmetics, accessories, luxury brands, jewelry, lingerie, Clothes, shoes, and casual brands. It is a complete package for those looking to take back something interesting and useful from the French capital. This place is attractive for its Art Nouveau architecture. Besides, you will not be distracted by the crowds, as the whole setting is enough to keep you attracted. Those who love a bit of calmness can head to the bookstore on the sixth floor. In addition, do not miss the excellent view of the capital city from the terrace.

Atelier Nota

In the age of digital forms of writing such as birthday ecards, emails, and Google calendar, the original raw paper form of writing is still kept alive by the Atelier Nota. You can find the old craft of paper goods in this shop. It is situated close to Sacré-Coeur and is a result of the efforts of two sisters who share their passion for stationery.

If you still treasure the old ways of keeping journals, letters and more, their selection is ideal for you. Check out the varieties of birthday cards, pens, and notebooks they have here. Furthermore, they have candles for the home, colored bags, crafted stationary sets, and famous brands like Gilles Dewavrin and Papier Tigre.

Above is a list of places you should visit if you are looking to take away souvenirs from your visit to the French capital.