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Le Marais District

Le Marais district is a popular neighborhood in Paris city. The buildings and the streets in Le Marais district still have a medieval charm. Le Marais has some popular aristocratic Parisian museums too, and that is one of the reasons, why the district is included in every one of the Paris sightseeing tours.

Tourists visit Le Marais district for coffee table reading or to watch sights, which delight their senses. In fact, the district might just be the perfect place to visit especially if you are into architecture, high art, and French history, or just love to eat Paris food. Sightseeing is tenfold in Paris’s Les Marais district alongside exploration and other fun activities.

You will get to see attractions and neighborhoods having Jewish heritage, and can take the streets in Le Marais district as a native Parisian. The place is also included in Paris sightseeing tours as a shopping location, which figures in the Les Soldes shopping season in France. Besides that, the majority of the shopping tends to take place in Les Halles.

In Centre Georges Pompidou at Le Marais, you will get to stay tuned to the Parisian climate and with some of the most modern artworks. Center Pompidou offers a panoramic rooftop view to tourists and street artists, mimes, as well as jugglers at the front side of the iconic building in Paris. When on the Paris sightseeing tours, watching a juggler toss up an object into thin air while holding on to similar objects in the Center Pompidou will be fun for sightseers.

Le Marais is also home to the famous Picasso Museum, which reopened after renovation in 2014 under new curators. The Picasso Museum is now larger than before, houses more artworks, and allows more room for visitors to access the artifacts.

Tourists and Parisians who have been there recently say that Picasso Museum have unveiled the hidden artworks once tucked away in the museum vaults. From cubism to surrealistic to Pop, and everything Picasso made in between –you can catch all that in Le Marais district during your Paris sightseeing tours.

Note that the Le Marais neighborhood is home to the Maison de Victor Hugo as well, the writer’s house turned eponymous museum, and the same place from where Les Miserables was written by Hugo.