Top Three Indian Restaurants in the City of Lights

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Several tourists who have never been to the City of Lights have a misconception that the number of restaurants in the city that offers spicy delicacies is a bit limited. Yet on the contrary, Paris has an excellent collection of Indian restaurants that are capable of curing your curry cravings.

The spicy delicacies offered at these Indian restaurants are incredibly delicious and it is something you do not want to miss during your Paris city tours. However, it is true that tourist who never been to Paris might find it a little bit difficult to figure out the best Indian restaurants in the city. So, to help you out, below are the top three Indian restaurants in the City of Lights that serve spicy and delicious food.


Samsara is one of the best and most popular Indian restaurants in the city and it is located at 3 rue Jourdain. The mouth-watering Indian and Pakistani meals served in this restaurant have already seduced the twentieth district residents. The price of the main dishes served here varies from 7 Euros to 14 Euros, which means that Samsara will be the ideal choice for the ones who are on a tight budget.

Au Palais du Grand Moghol

The Au Palais du Grand Moghol restaurant, which is situated at the 9 rue Gérando, will take you right to New Delhi, the capital city of India. The incredible decoration and unique atmosphere of this restaurant will make you feel calm and relaxed after a stressful day of sightseeing. One of the best things about this Indian restaurant is that the average price of a dessert and main dish is just 18 Euros. However, it is significant to note that Au Palais du Grand Moghol might be a little bit crowded at times. So book a seat in advance.

Krishna Bhavan

You will find fresh recipes and products that you have never tried in your life at the Krishna Bhavan restaurant in Paris. However, the price range here is a bit higher when compared to the pricing of the above-mentioned restaurants. In fact, you will need to pay approximately 20 to 30 Euros for lunch. Still, this unique vegetarian restaurant will be an absolute delight for the ones who love to try different Indian food.