Top Bars to Visit in Bastille, Paris

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Bastille is a place, which has great importance in the history of France. It is considered the birthplace of modern France, and it was the focal point of the French Revolution. In the present time, Bastille is famous among the tourists as a place for its nightlife and wonderful bars. It is a place where you can enjoy drinks and all freedom during your Paris city tours.

Here is a list of some of the most excellent bars in the Bastille area where you may visit and enjoy a drink during your Paris sightseeing tours.

Moonshiner Bar

Speakeasies have become very common, and are much loved by the locals and tourists in Paris. The Moonshiner was opened in the year 2013, as a secret bar. The entrance to the bar is not highlighted and is overlooked by most of the people. You can find the hidden door, while you walk through the Pizzeria Da Vito. Just because it is a secret bar does not mean that it is illegitimate. The inside is very pleasing and welcoming. The hushed atmosphere and the friendly staff are the highlights here. There is also upbeat jazz for you to enjoy. You can find a wide range of whiskeys, cocktails, and beers on the menu.

Le Calbar

This is one special bar located in the Bastille. It has a very playful concept implemented there. All the bartenders are trouserless here. The time you spent in this bar will be memorable. You can have a wonderful night in the town if you choose to spend it here. The cocktail menu along with some unexpected twists makes your visit worth it.


The ones who were behind the Moonshiner started the Bluebird in the year 2016. The lighting of the bar is the main attraction here. It is lighted in the model of California in the 1950s. The intimate aura is complemented by the candlelight. Gin is the main attraction from the menu, though other usual drinks are also available.


This is the place to get the best quality alcohol at cheap prices. The inside of the bar is designed in the form of a tavern and a pirate ship. The white walls, raw wood, wooden chairs, etc. add to the warm vibes present here. There are simple but well-executed cocktails here. Remember that no food is available here. You should dine before your drink, or you may choose to settle down here and eat later.

Make sure you do not miss out on visiting Bastille and some of these bars here, during your Paris city tours.