Top 10 Places in Paris to Visit with Kids

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Tourist Attractions In Paris

Paris, the City of Lights, has a wealth of charming and attractive tourist spots. In most travelers’ lists of places to visit, the Eiffel Tower figures right at the top. It is one of the reasons why the city gets millions of travelers every year, with thousands coming back multiple times when they get the chance. Paris is definitely not a city you can get enough of inside a single visit.

When you are on one of your private tours accompanied by kids, at first glance the city may not seem like an engaging place for them. With all the historical monuments, museums, and other cultural attractions, most kids are bound to find it boring in the initial stages. At their age, it would be logical for them to start annoying you while you try to take in the wonderful ambience. One way to work around that is to take them places that are mainly focused on kids. Below are 10 top locations in Paris where your kid can have a great time.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is a place you may already have included in your itinerary. It is a must-visit attraction not only for kids, but teens and adults as well. There are mainly two zones inside Disneyland Paris; you can finish visiting both in a single day. In addition to this, Disney Village, the golf course, the camping grounds, etc provide superb places for adults to relax.

Jardin d’Acclimation

In case you could not make it to Disneyland, you can head over to Jardin d’Acclimation for an entirely different yet equally amazing experience. Established in the 19th Century, it is a 49-acre amusement park with a wonderful garden. It hosts an archery range, a house of mirrors, a miniature golf course, shooting galleries, a puppet theater, etc. After partaking of what those have to offer, you can enjoy a great picnic at the Jardin d’Acclimation garden.

Musee Grevin

The Musee Grevin, inaugurated in 1882, is one of the oldest wax museums in Europe. Here, you can see hundreds of life-sized wax figures, from one of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, to one of the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci. The tours here include a “Kid’s Discovery” tour which allows kids to learn how wax artists make beautiful wax figures that look as real as live people.

Cite des Sciences

This is a science and industry museum dedicated completely to learning science in a fun way. There are many exhibits held here that focus on children’s imaginations. For instance, a show called ‘Snot’ explores regular human body functions in a matter-of-fact manner. Furthermore, there are special exhibitions that guarantee your kids will stay engaged while they attend.

Café des Chats

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Café des Chats is a cat café. Most children and many adults love cats. If you and your kids are among them, this is definitely a café you should not miss out on visiting. Enjoy your cup of coffee and munch on a light snack, while admiring the adorable twelve resident cats there. Just be sure neither you nor your kids are allergic.

Paris Plage

Paris Plage, meaning ‘Paris Beach’, is a free summer occasion that converts many spots in the city into fully-fledged beaches, with a different theme for each. Not just kids but adults too can enjoy activities like kayaking, concerts, swimming in the pools poised over the Seine River, and much more.

Le 104 Arts Center

Le 104 Arts Center is an arts and recreation center that hosts many indoor as well as outdoor activities. In this center, there is everything from a kid’s play zone on the inside, to lending libraries and a pizza truck on the outside. Moreover, the changing exhibitions, outdoor film events, and concerts are also worth being there for.

Gaite Lyrique

Gaite Lyrique is a modern cultural institution dedicated to exploring digital art forms and mixed-medias. This institution is located inside a 19th Century theater in the Marais neighborhood. Here, you can see many events focused on stuff from music and multimedia, to exhibitions of fashion, design, and architecture.

Jardin des Plantes’ Menagerie

Kids love visiting zoos to find out more about different kinds of animals. The Jardin des Plantes’ Menagerie is a zoo founded during the French Revolution. In this zoo, you can watch dozens of rare animal species. Furthermore, there are Southern pudu, Sichuan takin, Flamingos, and thousands of other animals here to watch.

Hunting and Nature Museum

The Hunting and Nature Museum is a good place for older kids to visit. This museum explores the correlation between humans and nature, using the activity of hunting. Here, you can find a collection of taxidermy (from polar bears to pigeons) and antique weaponry. In addition, there is a room devoted to the folklore of unicorns, which adds fairy-tale style fun that kids would love.