Taking a Walk inside the Jardin Anne Frank Garden in Paris

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Tucked inside a quiet corner in Paris is the unknown garden dedicated to the famous little girl who perished in the Holocaust, Anne Frank. The Jardin Anne Frank is a little-known garden in Paris renowned for its pleasing walkways enclosed in an arched trellis. Visiting this iconic park during Paris sightseeing tours is indeed one of the best ways to relax and commemorate Anne Frank, the brave girl who became the symbol of oppression during the Second World War.

Visitors can take a walk through this community garden located right behind the Centre Georges Pompidou to discover what Paris has to offer in the form of its hidden attractions. Jardin Anne Frank is a place to relax away from the crowds thronging to the famous sights in Paris and cherish the historical background and greenery surrounding it.

Anne Frank and the Garden

Opened in 2007, the Jardin Anne Frank is established in honor of Anne Frank who became famous all over the world with her diaries that detail her life under the Nazi occupation. The garden is spread over about 4000 square meters and gives the visitor lavish space to go for a stroll all the while relishing in the peacefulness that surrounds this place.

The garden was actually a part of the Hotel de Saint-Agnan, which was then opened full time to the public after its inauguration. Inside the garden are walkways, a pergola, a good collection of flowers and bushes. There is even a vegetable garden, a playground for kids, and lots of benches to sit and relax.

A remarkable attraction in the Jardin Anne Frank is a graft of the chestnut tree that Anne Frank herself admired in her diaries often. It was uprooted during a storm in 2010, but the sapling continues to grow. A walk inside the pergola of the garden is indeed a relaxing experience and the numerous park benches close to the flowers and bushes are the ideal places to unwind.

Visiting the Anne Frank Garden

The Jardin Anne Frank is located behind the Centre Georges Pompidou a major attraction in Paris. Its location is exactly on the Impasse Berthaud, on the third arrondissement of Paris that makes it a hidden gem in Paris. Visitors can enter into the peaceful garden free of charge, which remains open from 09:00 am to 07:30 pm every day.

Visitors coming by the Metro can get down at Rambuteau to get to the garden. The RER train network has the nearest stop at the Chatelet – Les Halles. Moreover, buses numbered 29, 38, 47, and 75, have stops near to the Jardin Anne Frank.