Special Foods that You Should Definitely Try in Paris

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Paris is a wonderful city with a lot of history and culture. Visiting Paris is like a dream come true for many. Along with the historical monuments and picturesque places, another thing that attracts people to this place is food. Paris is famous for its rich varieties of foods and devouring them is one of the appealing events when on Paris city tours. Try the delicious foods of Paris while exploring the city to get a wonderful experience during your Paris tours. Following are some of the popular dishes of Paris that you will definitely want to try.


Baguettes are a wonderful piece of the rich French culture. It is a long loaf of bread which has a history of hundreds of years. The baguettes were a part of the city’s culture before centuries itself. Still it remains as one of the favorite foods of this place. The locals piling into their neighborhood bakery to get a warm loaf of baguette is a common sight in this city.


This crescent shape goodness is a must try dish of Paris. These are made of layered yeast-leavened dough. It is rich with butter and tastes like heaven. This is a dish that you will be yearning more and more in Paris. You will never get tired of eating Croissants.


Paris is the best place to get tasty macarons and there are different varieties of it available there. It is quite a site to watch macarons of different colors arranged in shops. The sight itself will leave your mouth to water. Macarons are available in different flavors varying from the classic salted caramel texture to modern combinations which include rosewater and raspberry.


It is another pastry which is a masterpiece of Paris. The best place in the world to get a perfect eclair is Paris. This cream filled richness is almost impossibly light and will make you want to eat more and more.

French cheese

There are wide varieties of French cheeses for you to try. It is impossible to point out a special flavor as every flavor is incredible. It is impossible to resist the attraction of French cheese once you taste it. Do not limit to your exploration with a single flavor, taste every flavor you can get and each flavor will be better than the other.


French oysters are an inevitable part of Paris trip for sea food lovers. These oysters are well known for their quality and you can get different varieties of oyster from different areas of the French coastline. Arcachon oysters and Normandy oysters are some of the popular varieties among them.


It is one of the most popular street foods of Paris. These sandwiches usually consist of ingredients like deep-fried chickpea or fava bean balls. It also includes vegetable of different kind and the ingredients vary according to different regions. Whatever the ingredients are you will never regret trying this sandwich.


This is one of the Paris comfort food which is really famous. It was even voted as Parisians favorite dish in the year 2006. It has different variants according to the ingredients used. There are many couscous restaurants in Paris which sells out different varieties of couscous. The ingredients and taste of couscous vary based on different regions. There are different ingredients which are unique for each region. Try different tastes to find the best recipe.

Steak frites

Trying steak frites is an unavoidable part of Paris tours. You should definitely try steak frites on your next trip to Paris. The most famous steak fries in Paris are the entrecôte (rib steak), rumsteak (rump steak), faux file, onglet (flank steak), bavette (skirt steak) etc. There are a large number of eateries in Paris which serves different variants of steak frites.

Duck confit

This is a classic dish of Paris. The duck is covered in salt and herbs and will be kept in the refrigerator for a few days for making this dish. It will be then cooked slowly in its own fat till it become really tender. It can be then kept for a few months.


Paris is famous for its chocolates and you can find the best chocolates in the world there. You cannot compare chocolates from other parts of the world with chocolates from Paris as it is feels so good and different.

A trip to a new place will not be complete without exploring different tastes and flavors that place have to offer. Paris is an ideal place for food lovers to devour new tastes. The food items mentioned above are the must try food items in Paris. Never forget to try them on your next Paris tour. You will surely love them and will want to return to this place again and again just to taste them.