Some Superb Cheese Dishes to Try When in Paris

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France is famous for its cheese, and there is no denying that among the 1,000 plus varieties found in the market, most would appeal to the majority of people in the world. These cheese variants are mostly consumed as is, but that is not to say a lot of them do not end up inside cooked dishes. In fact, a lot of the French cuisine consists of dishes with cheese as the main ingredient, and they can be gooey stringy, or anywhere in between. What stays constant is the fact of their deliciousness. Following are some of the places you can get the most awesome cheese dishes in Paris.

At Au Pied de Cochon: French Onion Soup

This place serves some of the best French onion soup you have ever tasted. This is basically onions and beef broth coupled with baked baguette dripped with cheese. Words fail to describe the taste and comfort this dish brings, but you should probably choose something else on a first date, unless strings of cheese dangling from your mouths sounds acceptable. Using a knife and fork is a small price to pay.

At Le Chalet Savoyard: Raclette

Raclette is arguably the best cheese dish ever to be invented, and many agree it is the best way to partake in a melting Swiss cheese. This is melted and then scraped onto a pile of ham and steamed potatoes, and spooned right into the mouth. Originally a mountain food, this dish is one of the local favorites.

At Pain Vin Fomages: Tartiflette

Eating Raclette can feel complicated enough that you forget to enjoy the taste, in which case you would love the simplicity of tartiflette. You just fork up pieces of reblochon cheese, Potatoes, onions, and lardon and go to town. It is obvious from that list of ingredients that this does your heart no favors, so make sure the dish does not become a habit.

At Chez Casimir: Cheese Plate

Everyone wants a piece of the classic every now and then. With cheese dishes, the cheese plate claims top spot there. Get an assiette de fromage containing several types of cheese served beside a baguette. You may wish to try out cheese of varying ages, textures and milks, but that really is not a must. Just make sure you eat a tone of cheese while plate gets passed around.

At Rachel’s: Cheesecake

While the French were hard at work coming up with other dishes, an American perfected the cheesecake. Rachel’s matcha varieties can convince you that no matter how intricate any other cheese dish gets, it simply cannot beat the cheesecake.

At Le Refuge des Fondus: Fondue

No cheese experience is complete without a fondue tasting. While back home it lacks most of the popularity it had in the 60’s, France has held it close since the time it first came in style. Le Refuge des Fondus improves the whole experience by throwing a baby bottle of wine into the mix.

At The Grilled Cheese Factory: Grilled cheese

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Grilled cheese is something everybody is familiar with stateside. In Paris, it is an even more frenzied fad, on par with hot dogs and burgers sold out of award-winning food trucks. The croque is France’s take on the classic grilled ham and cheese, but variations can be introduced by switching the regular cheese with a Rocamadour, and adding fig jam, spinach, and even aged Comté.

At Auberge Bressane: Cheese Soufflé

If you would rather your cheese was not gooey and melted, then a soufflé is probably more your deal. This dish is golden on top and puffed up, and served at many restaurants in the city. That said, the Soufflé served at Auberge Bressane stands miles apart.

At Breizh Café: Cheese Crepes

Seeing cheese oozing out of a buckwheat crepe never fails to make the average guy’s mouth water. When it finally crisps up on flat grill, it is all you can do to hold back. Breizh Café is one of the crepe restaurants that make use of the best ingredients.

At Le Plomb du Cantal: Aligot

Mashed potatoes have always gone well with melted cheese, and if you have never had the good fortune to realize it, then your next Paris tour is probably the time to find out the truth of this. What you basically get from the mix is Aligot, an elastic, thick, garlicky dish that goes exceptionally well with pork and sausage, or can alternatively be eaten as is. It does not matter how you eat it, only that you get to.

At Carette: Goat Cheese Salad

Fresh tangy goat cheese melted onto toast pieces, garnished with a bunch of vegetables. Most cafés serve the traditional version, which is a dish as rich and delicious as they come.