Some of the Best Paris Walking Tours

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Tourist Attractions In Paris

With all the beautiful monuments, historic museums, and wonderful recreational spots, the French capital is definitely a place to visit, at least once in your life. Guided tours are often good as Paris tour guides always explain the history and importance of the all the monuments they take you to. So it is always a good choice to opt for a guided walking tour for better insights about the city’s history and culture. Given below are the some of the best places you can consider exploring during your Paris walking tours.

The Montmartre District

Have a great time exploring the city’s coolest district, the bohemian style Montmartre district. Your guide may give you tips on the best food courts in the area, good shopping spots, and even explain the rich history of Montmartre district.

Night View of the City

Paris is the ‘City of Lights’, and at night, you can admire the beauty of the city with all the lights lit up. So take a walking tour all the way through the Seine River, around the Louvre courtyard, and then through some of the hidden gems in the city for a magnificent experience.

The Catacombs

Paris is known for its Catacombs, and here, you can see the remains of around 6 million people beneath the city’s streets. You can also walk around the labyrinthine tunnel along with a professional Paris tour guide, who will explain to you about the stone mine’s history.

Coco Chanel

There might be many hardcore fans of Coco Chanel. At the Angelina café, you can taste the yummy hot chocolate. Later, move on to the Rue Saint Honoré, the place where Chanel lived, and see Coco’s first shop which still stands tall to tell the tale. Walk along the vintage shops to get a characteristic feel.

A Tailored Tour

You do not want your children to get bored and end up moaning while touring all the historic places in Paris. If your kids are 7 to 12 years old, you can take them to the urban jungle in the Grand Serre, and maybe, the merry-go-round in Jardin du Luxembourg.

Apart from that, you can go to many recreational spots and parks as well, so that your kinds can have a good time. Not to forget, trying the famous delicacies of the city, such as praline concoction, pain au chocolate, croissants, macaroons, French pastry, Croque-Monsieur, baguettes, steak-frites, Huîtres Steak Tartare Soupe à l’oignon, and varieties of cheese.