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Paris is a city which is well known for many things. It is a romantic destination for couples. On the other hand, it is a city, which is known for its eatables. The cuisine of Paris is famous around the world. It is believed that a Paris trip would be incomplete without eating a baguette. Equally important as the romantic locations and the eatables are the artworks in Paris. Many people are making Paris city tours with the prime purpose of seeing the artworks in the city. If you are an artist or lover of arts, there is much for you to explore in Paris city.

It is important to note that the artworks in Paris are not restricted to some museums or galleries. There is an abundance of street artworks in the city. However, it is necessary to know the places where you can behold the beauty of street art in Paris city. Here are some places in the city where you will be able to enjoy the street art during your Paris sightseeing tours.

Rue Saint-Maur

The 10th and 11th arrondissements of the city have a 2km-long street, which is the perfect spot to explore art. While walking on the pavements, raise your eyes and look to the walls. You will be amazed by the mesmerizing look of the artworks on the walls. There are portraits made by Shepard Fairey and other classic artworks that will be a feast for your eyes. If you are interested to see the feminine artwork with a touch of feminism in it, go to the intersection with Oberkampf. You can get a view of the art works of Kashink, one of Paris’ most popular female street artists who are active today.

Rue Oberkampf

This is another place in the 11th arrondissement where you can enjoy street art presentations. Every few weeks a different artist comes and transforms the wall with his art. Hence, this is a place to enjoy many different types of artworks from different persons. You can expect large crowds here.

Rue Riquet

This is a 500m long street art wall on a bridge over the railway tracks. It was made in 2015 in memory of the life of Rosa Parks. Five international artists created their pieces for the wall on its inauguration. In recent times, the surrounding area has seen many developments.

There are many more places in the city, where you can enjoy street artworks in your Paris city tours. If you are seriously interested in visiting them, you may make a deeper study on the same.