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Paris has a large number of places of worship from the popular Notre-Dame and Grande Mosque de Paris to least explored places like The Saint-Jean Baptiste Church of Belleville that are kept hidden by this magnificent and mysterious city. Paris has places of worship for every religion; therefore this city is a wonderful option for those who value their religion and culture. Below listed are a few of these places that you can include in your religious Paris city tours.

Notre Dame Cathedral Church

This fantastic building which boasts French Gothic architecture is one of the most adored churches in Paris. It is located in Ile de la Cite and has a rich history that attracts tourists from all over the world. This church was begun in 1163 and became a famous landmark of Paris in the following years. It has twin towers with a height of almost 70 meters.

This church became famous through the literary work of the legendary writer Victor Hugo. The church has gone through destructions and defacement during World War II and lost many of its treasures. Fortunately, it was restored in the years that followed. The church is free to visit and will provide a wonderful experience for visitors with its great heritage and history. This is a must-visit destination on your Paris city tours if you are planning to visit religious places.

Grande Mosquée de Paris

This spectacular mosque situated in the fifth arrondissement of the capital is the largest mosque in the entire France. In fact, it is the second-largest mosque in Europe. This is a beautiful place with a large number of people flocking every year to see its wonderful architectural features. People adore this place also for its impressive historic legacy.

It was built as a tribute to Muslim soldiers as a symbol of France’s gratitude as 100,000 of them died in World War 1 fighting against Germany. The mosque was founded in 1926 and was assigned to Algeria later in 1957 and is now led by mufti Dalil Boubakeur.

An interesting fact that still remains unknown for many people is that this mosque protected Jews during the Holocaust by providing them with Muslim identity certificates. It is estimated that almost 500 to 1,600 Jews took refuge in this mosque to hide from the Nazi soldiers.

The Saint-Jean Baptiste Church of Belleville

Paris has tucked away many of its wonderful structures away in some lesser-known areas and The Saint-Jean Baptiste Church of Bellevilleis a wonderful example of this. It is located in the 19th arrondissement and is one of the glorious structures in Paris. This building was first built in 1548 and has undergone a major renovation in 1635. The church is one of the most impressive structures and is among the oldest neo-Gothic churches in this city.

The church has an alluring structure with its stained glass windows, gigantic spires and looming arches. Unfortunately, the church does not get many visitors as it remains hidden in the lesser-known neighborhood of Paris. However, the less popularity of this church has its own perks as you won’t have to wait in long queues to enter and can have some peaceful time away from the busy life of the city.

Église Saint-Louis-en-l’Île

This Catholic Church is situated in the 4th arrondissement and is a blend of classical and baroque style architecture. The construction of this building was started in 1664, replacing an older church existed here that was built in 1622. The construction was completed in 1726 and was dedicated to St. Louis.

There is a fascinating bell tower in this church that houses a modern clock. This structure dates back to 1741 and the clock dangles perpendicular to the street lying below. The interior of this church is adorned with some masterpieces like “The Supper at Emmaus” created by Coypel, “St. Francis room” by Noël Hallé and “Annunciation” by Fra Angelico.

Omar Ibn Al Khattab Mosque in Paris

This mosque is hidden away in an unsuspecting corner of Paris. It is situated in the 11th arrondissement and offers a quiet place for those like to worship in peace. Eventhough it is smaller than other grand mosques in Paris, it remains as a favorite location for locals because of its serene and calm atmosphere.

The mosque was constructed during the early 1980s. The interior of this building is typical of Islamic culture too. It has beautiful carpets and stunning columns.

Église Saint-Sulpice

This is the second largest church in Paris that is situated in the 6th arrondissement. The construction of this building began in 1646 and was dedicated to Saint-Sulpice. This church became popular by the famous novel Da Vinci Code which became a controversial subject among the Christians. The influence of this novel still helps to bring tourists to this church from everywhere in the world.