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Paris is a magical city which can make any tourist yearn to soak up the experiences it offers. It is known mainly for its art, culture, and cuisine, and a smart vacationer would make sure to sample plenty of each, especially the food. However, for a person with the proverbial strapped wallet, the options narrow down. Still, there are plenty of eateries that sell decent and even outstanding fares for cheap.

Baked Foods

Boulangeries are everywhere in the city. You could pop into one and get a one-euro croissant, baguette, or pain au chocolat. A sandwich would cost about 5 Euros, and if you can spend on one of sweet treats afterwards, then it is all the better. The best bakeries we found were Liberté, Blé Sacré, and A la Flûte Gana in the 10th, 12th, and 20th arrondissements.


French crêpes go for cheap here, and 10 Euros can get you lip smacking meals at one of the local crepêries, such as Breizh Café, famous for its sweet vanilla butter crepes. You will also want to try the egg and chèvre variety at Lulu La Nantaise. Crêperie Brocéliande keeps things classic, with their famous onion and cheese confit. To lower the price fruther, find an emporter window and get your treat to go. Marais’s La Droguerie is one of the places where you will find a lot crepêries.


Every truly great tourist destination has falafel shops, and Paris is no exception in that. The best falafels here are to be found on the Rue des Rosiers, where you would be hard pressed to pick among Chez Hanna, L’As du Fallafel, MI-VA-MI, and King Falafel Palace. A step up from this is Miznon, which serves delectable Israeli street food you would willingly make time to sit and gorge on.

Hot Chocolate

This is not exactly cheap here, but the variety served at Angelina is sure delicious enough to put a smile on the grouchiest faces. Located at two spots, this establishment raises the bar on serving out chocolatey goodness. Get takeout on the Left Bank branch, or dine in nearby the Louvre Museum.

Market Food Picnics

With the right mindset, it is obvious why Parisians hold so religiously to their love for food, especially cheap food. Market shopping is quintessential to common French culture. The mere activity of finding foods, asking about their origins, and partaking in occasional discounts, can leave you with a strange sense of fulfillment. Marché D’Aligre excels in quality of products, and the Belleville markets in chep prices.


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Fondue is boiling cheese, with nothing added to it that can take away its blessed cheesiness. You generally throw in some wine and cook this on a table burner, and then dip in a French baguette and go to town. Paris lets you do all that for very cheap. Check out Les Fondus de la Raclette and Le Chalet Savoyard for deals you should not be missing.


The French share a somewhat similar burger addiction to our own, but for Parisians, this is mostly about keeping things under the gourmet canopy. Almost every bistro here has many of the classics laid out on the menu, and the hipster joints attempt modern twists which are at least interesting, when not outright delicious. Around 10 Euros can get you fed to high heaven at most places, but you should seriously try out the fares at Le Ruisseau, Frenchie To Go, and Big Fernand.

Indian Food

Little India is a good place to start if you want a break from western and European food. The place has plenty of eateries, which are dining havens for vegetarians and vegans as well. Sangeetha and Saravana Bhavan rate right at the top, as does Muniyandi Vilas. The trick is to just follow the smells, and hope your nose does not lead you wrong. Some of the private tours Paris offers, lead through Little India.

Moroccan Food

France being so geographically close to the North African nation of Morocco brings plenty of benefits for locals and tourists. For one, delicious cuisine from the latter has assimilated itself into local culture, as shown by the multitude Moroccan restaurants all over the city. The upsides to Moroccan food include healthy ingredients, great taste, and typical affordability. Head to Zerda Café or Chez Omar for the best options. Le Traiteur Marocain too is worth checking out, especially if you prefer a casual setting to dine in.

Ice Cream

A sugar high can do wonders when roaming the streets, and what tastier path to that than through ice cream? île Saint-Louis is one great spot; Get a takeaway cone from one of the many ice cream vendors on this small island sandwiched by the two Banks. For Italian gelato, visit Pozzetto or Grom.