Paris: A Place for Music Lovers

Paris sightseeing toursParis sightseeing tours
Paris sightseeing tours

Paris Sightseeing Tours

They say even the breeze in Paris blows like a symphony. And it’s true. It is all art, love and romance in Paris air. It is not just bricks and stones that the city was built of. A pretty amount of art and love must have gone in with the bricks and stone. The city is as beautiful as a Frenchman’s French. Paris is a one-stop destination for all. Dance, music, architecture, you name it and the city has it all.

It is a much sought after destination by all music enthusiasts. Paris attracts us not just by being the best venue for opera, jazz, rock and world music but also by being lenient in charging for the concerts. Throughout the year, the city hosts several free musical events. They are common during the summer months. The music culture of Paris will fill the hearts of music lovers on Paris city tours.

The Paris Philharmonic: All and More

This is a recent addition to the musical map of Paris and had made people go talking. It is located at the Northeastern end of 19th arrondissement at Parc de la Villette complex. The trip to the place, which is a bit far from the city center, is worth it. Classical, world music, rock, you have it all here. The new building of Paris philharmonic stands elegantly like the belle of the tree.

Opera Bastille: Opera Love

If you are an opera lover visiting Paris, do not think twice. Head off to Opera Bastille. The place has significant historic relevance. It is located at the square where the first major revolt of French revolution, the mother of revolutions took place. At least once, you might have come across the storming of the Bastille in your history textbooks. Bastille Opera stages performances like Puccini’s Madame Butterfly and Mozart’s The Magic Flute.

Opera Garnier: The Right Ballet Stop

Palais Garnier is located in the old department district stores in Paris. The building stands majestically as the icon of early Parisian modernity. Just come over to watch the ballet performance you will love and forget not to take a look at the grand staircase in the hall and the ceiling fresco painted by Marc Chagall kept at the main theater.

Yearly Festivals for Lovers Of Jazz

If you are a jazz lover, Paris wouldn’t disappoint you. The craze for jazz in a Parisian’s blood is no wonder as American jazz legends like Duke Ellington, Dizzie Gillespie, and Ella Fitzgerald have all left their signatures in the city. The city hosts several jazz festivals and they are frequent in summer and spring.

Rock En Seine: For the Rocky Rock Lovers

Rock en Seine calls all rock lovers to be there at the Rock en Seine festival conducted every year during midsummer.

Fete De La Musique: Sink In To Street Music

This annual festival conducted every year on June 21st is right place for all the lovers of street music. Street performers from every part of the city come over to for the festival and you can enjoy a number of indoor performances.

The visit to these destinations is a treat for all people on Paris sightseeing tours.