Most Underrated and Weirdest Museums in the French Capital

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One of the major attractions of the beautiful Paris city is the wide range of incredible museums in the city. Some of the most popular options that almost every traveler include in their Paris city tours itinerary is the Louvre Museum, the Orsay museum, and the Rodin museum. Even though all these are extraordinary both in case of the exhibits as well as their architecture, there are many other breathtaking, yet underrated museums in the city also.

Venturing into such under-appreciated places as well on your Paris sightseeing tours will be perfect to make it even more exciting and memorable. Below are some of the weirdest museums in the capital city of France that you can pay a visit.

Fragonard Museum

This is one of the ancient museums in Paris, which is entirely dedicated to the specimens of living organisms including animals and human beings that existed 250 years ago. This museum is, in fact, a part of the veterinary school of Paris.

Previously, these specimens were used for educational purposes only. Currently, you can contemplate on this amazing fossil collection at just 7 Euros. Note that the ticket rate includes an audio tour service as well either in English or French.

The Smoking Museum

As the name indicates, this museum is dedicated to smoking. Even though smoking inside the museum premises and other Parisian public places became illegal 10 years ago, cigarette is still an important part of the Parisian lifestyle.

The Smoking Museum will walk you through the evolution and the significant changes in the field. There is an outstanding collection of artifacts related to smoking in this museum too, which became functional in 2001. In fact, a non-smoker will also find the enlightening information and exhibits here interesting.

Museum of Magic

Exploring the Museum of Magic will be a great treat of every Harry Potter fan out there. The main highlight of the museum is its vaulted ceiling, while you can see a number of optical illusions as well as tricks inside the museum also. However, do not expect something really fancy as you see in the movies.

Younger kids might not feel much impressed with the experience, but a real magic enthusiast will surely love it. In addition, the museum houses a decent collection of wind-up toys or automates from the 19th Century to the present day. If you prefer, you can avail an automated audio-guided tour in your preferred language as well.