Louvre Museum Private Tours

Louvre Museum Private Tours

Why you Should Take your Kids to the Louvre

Louvre Museum Private Tours

Louvre Museum Highlights

The idea of spending a quality amount of your precious vacation time in a huge and old art museum might not be appealing to most kids. They would rather prefer to explore the exciting city of Paris instead of visiting the historic monuments and museums in the city. However, if you are visiting Paris with your kids, then we highly recommend you to take them to the Louvre. This is because Louvre is a lot more kid-friendly when compared to the other museums, and a trip to the place will be quite educating and entertaining for your kids.

Make sure not to get daunted by the vastness of the museum and stick to your plan, as it will allow you to make your family’s visit to Louvre a lot more enjoyable. Below are a few reasons to explain why your kids will love visiting the Louvre.

A Selfie at the “Pyramids”

The jaw dropping glass pyramids in the Louvre museum was a bit controversial when it was first erected back in the year 1989. However, these elegant pyramids are Parisian landmarks now and they are very much kid-friendly. Take your children to the beautiful Louvre courtyard and take cheesy selfies at the pyramids. Your kids will certainly love the glass structure and the flock of pigeons in the courtyard.

Smile at Mona Lisa

Your kids might be familiar with the legendary artwork of Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa. If they don’t know about Mona Lisa, then read some stories about Mona Lisa and tell them what makes this artwork unique from the others. Your kids might be stunned to know the fact that this painting was once stolen and even stoned. If you tell a few stories about this painting to your kids, then they will be thrilled to see Mona Lisa.

Underground Boardwalk

One of the coolest things that your kids would love about the Louvre would be the underground boardwalk. The underground boardwalk was actually designed as a digital fortress back in the late 11th century, but now it remains a great attraction for tourists. You will be able to catch a glimpse of the castle ruins while walking through the boardwalk.

Tactile Gallery

The one and only place in the Louvre museum, where the visitors or tourists are encouraged to “touch” the artifacts is the Tactile Gallery. So, make sure to take your kids to the museum and stroll through the gallery of original sculptures that are housed in the museum.