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Paris might be one of the most popular attractions in the world. However, it certainly is crowded and some people tend to dislike the bustle of the urban setting. Such people can visit the major landmarks of the city and head to other exotic locations that make you feel like you are in the lap of nature. Paris offers such destinations within less than one hour of travel from the city. Below is a discussion of some of the best hiking trails that can be accessed after your Paris city tours.

Nemours’ forest loops

This place is located in Nemours, near the French department of Seine-et-Marne. This place can be reached in about an hour from Paris. It is 8 kilometer long and is suitable for medium level hikers. However, you can still try it if you are a beginner. To reach here, you should take the A6 highway along the Nemours exit. This is located near the southern side of Paris. This hiking trail lasts for about an hour and fifty minutes. You can be sure of a rewarding experience along the trail.

Dame Jouanne’s Massif

This pace is also not very far away from Nemours. This trail is comparatively easier. It can be used by regular and occasional hikers as it is just 9 kilometer long. You can access this trail through downtown Larchant. Get into the A6 highway to Auxerre from Paris and take exit number 14 known as Malherbes. After this, follow the direction of Larchant and you will arrive here. The trail is refreshing and a great change for those longing for some quality time in nature. This place can be reached at about 65 minutes from Paris.

Franchard’s gorges

Fontainebleau’s forest is one of the best ways to shake off the fatigue of city life. This place is located at about an hour from Paris. This trail is famous for the great views and visuals you get to see during your journey. Besides, you will get a good look at the Fontainebleau’s woods. Get to Franchard by taking the A6 highway to Auxerre. This is followed by taking the Fontainebleau exit and then following all the way the road to Franchard. All level of hikers can experience this trail.

There are many interesting natural hikes around Paris for you to explore. Make sure you read the above list before heading out to one of them.