Gifts to Bring Home from Paris

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Paris is one of the most favorite and famous travel destinations the whole world. It is considered as the global centre for fashion, art and culture. People take a trip to Paris to visit its major attractions and landmarks. People also get to find exclusive stuffs only found in the city. Paris city tours help visitors to find many goodies, which they would be able to take home. Let’s look at some of the gifts to bring home from Paris.

A Mariniere

These were jerseys worn by the French Marine’s since 19th century. It is a long-sleeved jersey with blue and white stripes. It started to become famous after its introduction to the fashion industry. Fashion designers were inspired by the design and used it to create a trend in the market.


France is among the top wine producing countries in the world. They offer different varieties of wine and in fact, most regions in France produce wine. When compared to other drinks, wine is one of most consumed alcohol in whole country. Visit an authorized wine store to get a wine which suits your preferences.


France is also known for its cheese making as around 365 varieties of cheese are found in the country. You get to taste various types of cheese when you are at Paris, but all may not impress you. Make sure to pack some of the delicious cheese to your home country.

A Beret

A beret is a round, soft, flat-crowned hat made of crocheted cotton, acrylic fibre or wool felt material. Its production began from 19th century in France. French people wear beret and it is considered to be a symbol of their country. Beret’s made in china are found in markets, but make sure to get one manufactured by the locals.

Foie Grass

People who have spent time in France would have definitely come across foie grass. It is a French delicacy made out of the liver of a goose and it is eaten cooked, semi-cooked or fresh. French people usually make this delicacy at the time of Christmas.


Just like many other countries France also have its own varieties of champagnes. It is considered as a festive drink and is consumed everywhere in the country. Make sure to take some bottles of champagne to your home country and gift it your family and friends.