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Most of us wish to take some kind of gifts and souvenirs for the people we love, after returning from a tour. Listed below are few things everyone would love to take to their places after their Paris city tours.

A Béret

Out of the many cliché things about France, berets are among the famous because the French people always wear them. Berets are knitted hands made out of wool, and it is mostly associated with the artists in Paris.

Though the French people don’t wear berets, it often remains as a gift option that is liked by most people to get to their homes. You would be able to find cheap ones that are made in China in about every gift shop in Paris. But, getting the ones that are made in France itself will look more appealing.

A Marinière

A Marinière is a jersey with long sleeves and it was originally worn by the French Marine since the nineteenth century. It was a color combination of blue and white before; it had twenty white stripes of 20 mm width and twenty or twenty-one blue stripes of 10 mm width. Many of the fashion designers started to follow this trend and they completely took this design over to make it as an eccentric fashion statement.


Macrons are small pastries that are made out of almond powder, sugar and egg whites. It is called Parisian macron when it is made with ganache between the two biscuits. You would always find some macrons that suit your taste buds, despite whether you like classic flavors or you are adventurous. It is been suggested by many foreigners to others as their favorite French dessert. You would find it hard to resist its smell and would feel it worth tasting.


Wine is one of the ultimate symbols of France. Wine is produced in almost all regions of the country is the most consumed alcohol there. There are so many different varieties of wine that are made in France that can fill most of your tastebuds. Getting a bottle of wine whether it is red, rose or white to take home is a good choice.


Champagne is one of the most festive alcoholic drinks in France which is originated from the Champagne Region of France. It is now consumed everywhere in the world. A bottle of champagne would be a perfect gift for your family and friends to treat themselves.

A Saucisson

One of the most known culinary specialties of France is saucisson, which is a sausage that is cooked and dried. It is usually made from pork meat, donkey meat, boar meat, beef or poultry. Tasting it with some French baguette will tempt you to take some for you.


There are more than three hundred and sixty-five types of cheese that are available in France. Tasting most it is a hard task, but you should still try a few out of them as they are widely chosen and used in all parts of the world. Getting some varieties of cheese for your friends and family can be a great option.

Foie Grass

Foie grass is one of the most essential dishes that is widely used during the times of the year-end holidays. This delicacy has a French origin and is made from livers of goose or ducks. This can be eaten fresh. Eating foie grass during the year ending time is more like a tradition too for some people. Thus, it will be one of the best gifts you can take home to gift your friends or family as it is a part of the Christmas celebrations in France.


Most of the tourists are very much fond of French scarves regardless of whether they are made out of silk or normal fabric materials. You will be able to find scarves for every budget in the French capital. Scarves are seen as a fashionable accessory in France that can keep you warm and stylish during the winter season.

Eiffel tower Replicas

It is one of the cliché gifts you can get from the French capital, but that doesn’t mean that it should be avoided. The Iron Lady, which is one of the most visited monuments in France, is very iconic. You could have one of the best views of the city of lovers from there. You can share your experience by giving these replicas to one of your close ones.


There are many choices of antique pieces in the French capital that are worth seeing and gifting. You will be able to take forward the thirst of antique pieces at many antique dealer shops and popular flea markets of France.