Five Offbeat Places That You Must Visit in Paris

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Paris has plenty of little-known attractions that are incredibly exciting and valuable. Visiting them during your Paris city tours is a great way to know about a different side of Paris that will enrich your experience. Visiting these offbeat places will not only keep you away from the busy crowds but it also gives you a chance to stroll around leisurely while knowing about the place. Below are five offbeat destinations that you must visit in Paris.

La Pagode

La Pagode is a truly unique movie theatre located in the seventh arrondissement of Paris. The design of the theatre is in the form of a Japanese pagoda and the interiors are decorated with curtains, candelabras, elephant figurines, and other objects of Japanese culture. Visiting La Pagode is a great way to enjoy a movie as well as to see its marvelous construction. Inside the theater is an Asian garden, which lets visitors take a stroll among the exotic flowers and plants.

Le Carreau du Temple

The Le Carreau du Temple is a spectacular offbeat place in Paris that you surely need to pay a visit. It is actually a market hall and occupies a key position in the history of France right from the time of the famous Crusades and Templars. Le Carreau du Temple holds several events such as concerts, exhibitions, fairs, theatrical performances, and more based on different themes. What makes this place so unique is the feeling of community it offers.

La Gaite Lyrique

If you are still into exploring museums, the La Gaite Lyrique is one place you should surely visit. It is a museum that showcases art and creativity, which will delight both adults and children alike. The La Gaite Lyrique museum is located in a baroque style 19th-century music hall and houses a range of modern exhibits. The museum has a freely accessible library and conducts various events for visitors such as workshops, interactive concerts, dance, and storytelling.

Flea Market Restaurants

There are several good restaurants located in Saint Ouen that offers a variety of culinary delights to satisfy your appetite. A Sunday flea market is also held in this area from Saturday to Monday. Prominent restaurants such as the Le Biron, Avenue Michelet, Chez Louisette, and Le Paul Bert are some other notable restaurants that you can try out after an exhausting shopping across the markets.

Passage Brady

If you wish to explore the ethnically diverse regions of Paris, then Passage Brady is the one place that you should definitely look out. This neighborhood is home to a numerous thriving communities from India and Pakistan. The neighborhood has the atmosphere of a typical Indian or Pakistani neighborhood with many shops and restaurants of traditional style.