Fascinating Facts about the Paris Saint-Michel Neighborhood

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The art-house cinemas, flower-adorned balconies, and cobblestone streets attract thousands of tourists from all over the world to Paris Saint-Michel. It is hard to deny the fact that the neighborhood is one of the loveliest and attractive neighborhoods in the City of Lights.

Saint-Michel is located on the west side of iconic Latin Quarter, one of the most visited areas in Paris. Tourists who are visiting the neighborhood will be able to find natives and others capturing endless shots of world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral and the dramatic St. Michel fountain. Paris Saint-Michel neighborhood is also home to some of the gorgeous monuments and places in the city including the Pantheon mausoleum.

Some tourists who are visiting the famous neighborhood for the first time ever might not be aware that the Sorbonne University is also located here. In addition to that, you will be able to find famed old cafes, specialty bookstores, and other stores in Saint-Michel too. This is one of the major reasons, why the place attracts thousands of sightseers, intellects, and students.

It is evident that the Saint-Michel neighborhood of Paris is not entirely touristy. Even though the area is immensely popular among tourists, you can find plenty of hidden gems and quiet nook that are untouched by modernity even today. So, if you are planning to stay away from the busy and crowded places in the city, then you should head straight to the Saint-Michel neighborhood.

Saint-Michel has a rich and fascinating history that remains unknown to most tourists and some natives. The neighborhood has been considered to be one of the cerebral nerve centers of the city even from the medieval period. Tourists who are planning to visit the Saint-Michel neighborhood should definitely check out the Chapelle Ste-Ursule in the Sorbonne University to understand that.

In fact, you will be amazed to see the breathtaking architecture of the Chapelle Ste-Ursule. The stunning building was constructed in the Roman Counter-Reformation style back in the 1640’s. What’s more, the doomed roof design that you can see in some of the famous buildings in the city is inspired from the architectural design of the Chapelle Ste-Ursule.

Another interesting thing to note is that Protesters used to gather in the Saint-Michel neighborhood of Paris during the violent demonstrations of May 1968, and that halted the economy of the country for several weeks.