Exploring the Gothic Architecture of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

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The Notre Dame Cathedral is not only one of the most beautiful churches in Paris but also a historical site visited by millions of people for its Gothic architecture and photography. If you are on a Paris trip with plans to stop in key areas of interest, then add Notre Dame to your bucket list of must-visit visit places in the City of Lights.

The cathedral has easily one of the biggest and most beautiful interiors, which tourists can find in any building in France. If you are up for it and want a skyline view of the capital city, climb to the top of the towers of Notre Dame Cathedral by scaling hundreds of steps along the way. This cathedral provides a guided tour, which can take you up to the top of the tower, involving some physical effort in doing that and for the sake of pleasure, of course.

There is an entrance to the cathedral’s underground vault, which allows the visitors to explore the historical remains that trace back to one of the earliest settlement in the French capital. Tucked behind the cathedral’s eastern and southern side is the Square Jean XXIII garden, and a scenic view of Notre Dame from a distinct perspective altogether.

The exterior of the cathedral offers a contrast when it comes to sightseeing opportunities in a metropolitan city like Paris. From its west side, one can see two bell towers and three big arched portals. Just above the portals, you can see a gallery that houses a row of twenty-eight statues that represent former kings of Israel. Above the Gallery of Kings situated in the middle of Notre Dame is the façade of what is called “Rose Window” to the west side. Note that these stained-glass windows of the cathedral are situated in south, north, and west sides. They trace back to the Middle Ages and have survived centuries of war and revolution.

Other notable features of the cathedral in Paris are three organs, out of which Great Organ is world-famous, and Treasury of Notre Dame. Besides, there are many more reasons to get here and fall in love with the Gothic monument constructed in the Medieval Period when on Paris sightseeing tours. Obviously, they are the crypt of the cathedral, the skyline view of the city and the photography opportunities here.