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Paris is full of wonders and hence, is an ideal location to spend your dream holidays. Usually, you may think about the Eiffel tower tour, Louvre museum tour, Seine river cruise, etc., when it comes to Paris city tours. Note that the French capital has much more to offer apart from these astounding yet clichéd attractions. One of the best options that you may consider in this case is touring the majestic castles and fortresses in the city. Without any doubts, most of these mansions will remind you of the ones that you would have seen in the fairytale movies.  This will not only be a great choice for architecture and history buffs but also photo maniacs. After all, who can resist your incredible photos captured in front of the regal mansions here?

When it comes to palatial buildings, one of the most popular and unique options that you may venture on your Paris city tours is the Chateau de Vincennes. Located on the edge of the 11th and 20th arrondissements in the city Vincennes is a leafy suburb towards the eastern side of Paris. In the olden days, the Vincennes was a small town at the side of a large forest that surrounds the chateau. This was the favorite hunting spot of most medieval kings at that time.

The Chateau de Vincennes is characterized by its formidable 14th century 52m donjon, which is highlighted with four circular turrets, crenellations, and arrow loops. All these structures are perfectly defended by a huge enclosed outer wall and a deep, impassable moat. The mansion served as the home for a number of French royalties. In the 16th century, the donjon in the chateau became a prison for many high-end figures like Mirabeau, Nicolas Fouquet, Diderot, and the Marquis de Sade. In simple words, the chateau offers a captivating history that is sure to attract all the political and history buffs out there. The castle was, however, renovated before a few years and is currently a popular tourist hotspot.

The main upside of including Chateau de Vincennes in your Paris tour itinerary is the ease of access. On a related note, you can easily reach this spectacular mansion by means of a metro train from the city center and it will take only 20 minutes. Furthermore, the castle offers a number of attractions such as a heritage workshop in which you can enjoy a themed visit and visual art. When it comes to tours, you can consider a self-guided tour, audio tour, guided tours, or tour lectures. If you are wondering about the facilities, you can see a gift shop, book shop, and washrooms here. While you cannot bring in your pet dogs, guide dogs are allowed inside the premises.