Exploring Nocturnal Paris like Never Before

Paris City Tours
Paris City Tours

Exploring Paris

Evading the tourist traps is a trick learned in Paris. The best places to explore at night are the ones covered by tourists and the tour guides who tail the non-Parisians. Here is how you could simply blend into the romanticism of the city capital and explore the nocturnal wonders.

Romantic Walk Aside the Seine

Even if you are on a business tour with your wife, you can simply stroll along the banks of the La Seine. Usually, no one wants to fly back home instantly after scheduling for Paris city tours, mainly for the delicious food. Some restaurants near that world famous commercial waterway serve food in the pavements just so newbies could sit there and enjoy the scenery.

Music Unwinds the Weekend Hangover

There are many concert halls near the Pigalle metro railway station, some offering music while some having stand-ups perform comic acts in English. A local standup named Olivier Giraud performs a one hour skit teaching the different cultural ethnicities in relation to the French. The jokes land right amidst a cross-cultural audience featuring Europeans, Americans, and the Natives.

Explore the Museums during Quiet Hours

Once you enter Paris city tours, make sure you visit either the Louvre museum or the Centre Pompidou on Friday night. The best Museums can get rather quiet during the night hours and that is where cultures mingle together. Even if you are a loner tourist visiting the Louvre before closing, there is a likely chance you may end up meeting someone scale one of those spiral staircases.

Have Late Night Dinner from the Les Halls Hub

In place of the central hub seen today, there used to be a crowded market in the 1950’s. The locals hobnob during late hours and the restaurants in that part of the world offer great food 24/7. The ambiance at Les Halls is great once the sun sets and the lights turn on in at least five of them all night.

There are many pubs and nightclubs in Paris too but we wouldn’t really recommend you the so-called one night stand. If you want really to have a drink or two and go all crazy mad in the streets of Paris; go nowhere but the Eleventh district. There. You have reached the business end.