Explore Paris With A Walk through The City

Paris City ToursParis City Tours

Paris City Tours

Paris, the city of fashion, also the lovers den of the world, is one of the favorite tourist destinations of all time. With the stunning beauty it comprises one of the main cultural heritage of the civilization. Paris is known for its great history and its distinct culture. Being the capital of France, it is also known as a city of fragrance. With a number of mind blowing monuments and civil structures, Paris is an ultimate location of aesthetic beauty.

To explore this great city a good walk is the best way. Most of the visitors start their Paris walking tours from the railway stations itself. With a good camera in hand, a mobile phone with GPS or with an actual map, a water bottle and a small backpack, you can walk straight through the heart of this city. Paris is a magnificent location for sightseeing and there are Paris sightseeing tours that can give you a bundle of unforgettable moments in your life. There are many stunning locations in Paris that can never be missed. This city is known for its beautiful lakes and lush landscapes too.

The Paris city tours will be incomplete without a visit to the Louvre museum, which is the world’s largest. The Louvre museum tour may take a whole day to complete, since it holds as many artifacts and history which cannot be enjoyed in hurry. A walk through the outside of the Louvre museum is also a charming experience. The architecture of the palace will definitely make your eyes to blink. The Napoleon’s courtyard will not only give you a beautiful sight but also boost your energy with its lush green atmosphere.

The city of Paris cannot be covered in a day. It has such a wonderful look that may even make us rethink on our or return from that city. There are many must see locations in this city such as Notre dame, le Marias, bastille etc. Pont Neuf is one of most famous spots in the city and is one of the main places known for its ‘love lock’ tradition. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Eiffel tower, is a place which should never be excused. As a whole, each and every place in Paris will give you a mesmerizing experience to your heart for sure.