Best Ways to Enjoy Paris Sightseeing Tours with your Kids

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It is really important to take your kids for some exciting vacations once in a while. This will not only refresh their mood but also strengthen their bonding with you.

Paris is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world that is sure to make your holidays an ever-memorable one. The ultimate ambiance offered by the French capital makes everyone fall in love with it and even rekindle their romance. No wonder, Paris is regarded as the City of Love.

Some people may sometimes take this in a different angle though, and hesitate to plan Paris sightseeing tours along with their kids. Yet in fact, Paris offers a lot of attractions and opportunities for kids to enjoy their time in the French city. In short, Paris has something in store for every person.

There are many kid-friendly attractions in the city, from many treasured museums to the famous Disneyland Paris, which you can explore with children of all ages. Below are some of the top-rated things that you can do and see with your kids on Paris sightseeing tours.

Popular Art Galleries and Interactive Museums

The Natural History Museum in Paris is one of the best options for people who are looking forward to spending their Parisian vacation with kids. Here, you can see an individual wing that is dedicated for kids, Galerie des Enfants. In this gallery, you can see many exhibits that are sure to enlighten your kids such as scientific facts, history, entertainment, and many more.

Apart from that, there are many museums in the city, which are divided based on the items displayed. For instance, consider museums Musée de la Magie and Cité des Sciences. This will be a great option for kids who are enchanted by the wonders of science and the related things.

In case your kids are more into arts, an interactive museum like the Centre Pompidou will be perfect. Here, the professionals conduct many informative workshops and events for kids, and that is sure to keep your children engaged and thrilled throughout the tour.

Another interactive museum that kids will love is the Musee en Herbe. This is an art museum, which is intended to entertain kids who love nature. Besides, you can also leave your kids here for the workshops and explore some romantic spots in the city in order to spend some quality time as a couple.

Puppet Shows

There will be hardly any kid, who does not love puppet shows. Not only kids, even elders love to enjoy puppetry, as it reminds them of the art of the bygone eras. There are many talented artists in the French capital, who conduct puppet shows at the parks and the waterways for free entertainment and relaxation. One of the best spots where you can enjoy puppet shows in Paris is Jardin du Luxembourg.

In fact, the Luxembourg garden also boasts of many other kid-friendly activities such as pony rides, bobbing on a pond using vintage sailboats, playgrounds, etc. For kids who are above 12 years of age, the Parc Floral de Paris will be a good choice. Here, you can enjoy activities such as climbing webs, flying fox, concerts, extra-long slides, and many more.

Disneyland Paris

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This is one of the most popular attractions in Paris that every kid yearns for. Some would even say that you could not wrap up your Paris sightseeing tours with kids without exploring the Disneyland. This wonderland offers a number of attractions for kids in order to make their day exciting and magical.

Since this is one of the most popular attractions here, it will probably be crowded. So, it is recommended to book tickets beforehand if you do not want to waste your time standing in long and tiring queues.

Below are some of the useful tips that you may consider in order to make your Disneyland trip with kids more entertaining and economical.

  • Do not fall for the appealing multiday packages if you do not plan to explore the Walt Disney Studios. You can easily explore the entire Disneyland in a day if you come here on time.
  • If you do not have reservations, it is recommended to reach Disneyland early. Note that the opening time of Disneyland Paris is 10:00 am, but you will have to reach at least by 08:30 am in order to avoid long queues.
  • There are many paid attractions here such as Meet Disney Princesses, Meet Mickey Mouse, etc. These types of events entail only meeting a character-costumed person who will pat on your back or shake hands. Hence, it is better to avoid such events if possible.
  • When it comes to the transportation, there are many ways to reach Disneyland. You can rent a car and drive to the place all by yourself, choose a shuttle bus service, or catch a train from the central Paris. Out of this, the last option will be the fastest and most affordable option.