Best French Foods To Try While In Paris City Tours

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Paris hasn’t earned the name dream city just because of its aesthetically pleasing architecture and art. The visually appealing masterpieces cannot contain all of the irresistible charms of the city. The description of the dream is incomplete without mentioning the classic French cuisine of the city.

Here are some of the French delicacies that you shouldn’t miss trying when you are in Paris.

Steak Frites

Steak Frites is not an exclusive dish of France, but in Paris, the dish has a unique twist in its flavor. The dish called “biotique” in Lisbon and simply steak-frites in Paris is equally liked for its simplicity. The dish is so special for Parisians, which is why it is not surprising to find restaurants that steak-frites alone.

Huîtres-For The Lovers Of Sea Food

If you are a seafood lover, you should definitely try oysters while in Paris, and there is a classic way of eating them. You gently open the oyster, add some lemon juice into it and eat it. The experience will be worth it. The Saint-Germain area and rue Montrgueil is famous for restaurants that serve oyster delicacies.

Macarons-The Must Try French Delicacy

The French cuisine is incomplete if you do not talk about Macarons. Trying the Laduree Macarons is in the must-do list of every person who visits Paris.

Quinche-The Traditional Pie

Quiche is the traditional French pie that is the favorite dish in Parisian’s lunch. There are quenches of different flavors including salmon, vegetables, tuna, etc.

Escargots-Get A Bit Out Of Common Ways

You might cringe at the thought of eating snails but it is a common idea in France. Different seasoning and cooking methods can be used to prepare multiple snail dishes, and the most common seasoning ingredients are herbs and garlic butter.

Mussels-Part Of The Tempting Combo

Mussels, white wine, and French fries. That is a heavenly combination. Even though the delicious combo was tried for the first time in Belgium, it has become an inherent part of French cuisine, with plenty of places in Paris serving tasty mussels.

Iles Flotante- Tempting And Floating

After you are done with the main courses, you start looking for desserts for your sugar tooth. Ile flottante that translates to “floating island” is a mouth-watering dessert made with sugar, egg whites, vanilla extract, and crème anglaise. The dessert is sometimes served with coconut or almonds added on top of it.

When you get back to your place after Paris sightseeing tours, the memories you carry back will include the rich flavors of French delicacies served in the dream city.