Best Food Streets in Paris for Your French Food Cravings

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Paris is one of the top gastronomical capitals of the world for a number of reasons. Travelers who take Paris city tours look for plenty of food streets in the French capital along with the Michelin-starred restaurants. It is said that there is a food street for every traveler that meets their budget and taste. There are a lot of such places located around many popular vacation rentals of the city.

Given below are a few of the famous food streets in Paris.

Rue Cler

Rue Cler is one of the most popular food streets in Paris city which located very close to the Champ de Mars in the seventh arrondissement. The street is popularly known for possessing products of very high-quality. It is costlier than most of the other food streets in Paris for the same reason. But the choice of foods from this street is top-notch. It is not recommended for visitors to head there on Mondays since some of the shops in the streets might be closed. Also, the most recommended time to visit the street on Sundays is during the morning.

Rue Des Martyrs 

Rue Des Martyrs is one of the best food streets in the French capital, which usually has everything interesting. This street often imbibes you the mood of shopping and snacking at the same time. Maison Brémond and Mesdemoiselles are some of the must-try foods of the street.

Rue Des Rosiers 

As one of the oldest food streets in Paris city, it was once the main thoroughfare of the Jewish quarter there. It was named after the rose bushes which used to line the walk of the street. Dells and shops are been built in the street today where the bushes used to grow once. Visitors of the street have to stand in line for about an hour to taste the delicious varieties.

Rue Saint-Dominique 

This street is a perfect choice for anyone who loves sweets and pastries. There are eight bakeries in the four blocks of this street, all of which offer its visitors wide varieties of chocolates, meringues, croissants, and macarons. There is a recommended shop called Maison Dubernet which specializes in the traditional French delicacies that include pate, cassoulet and foe grass.