An Ultimate Guide to Average Monthly Weather in the French Capital

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It will be the dream of almost every traveler to go for Paris sightseeing tours. However, there are many things, which you must consider before setting off for a trip to Paris, such as the attractions to see, the timings, the weather, what to pack, etc. Out of this, the weather in the city is really crucial, especially when there are kids or elderly people with you.

Besides, an unexpected climate change may also ruin your whole tour experience. Therefore, you must have a brief idea about the climate in Paris so that you may know what to pack and the things to expect in the French city. In order to help you out, below is an average monthly weather guide of Paris city.

January to March

At this time, the existing weather condition in the city will be mostly wet and cold. Hence, when you pack things, include warm clothes, hand gloves, waterproof shoes, raincoat, hat, umbrella, etc. Note that the weather condition in Paris gets comparatively better as the months pass by. That is, the average temperature that you can expect here during January, February, and March is 6, 8, and 11 degrees respectively. In case of rainfall, it ranges from 46 to 40 millimeters.


In April, the weather in the French capital will be unpredictable, but it will be chilly most of the time. So, pack accordingly. The average temperature in the city is reported to be 10 degrees in April, and the average rainfall is 45 millimeters.


This can be an incredibly rainy time in Paris. So, it is recommended to keep waterproof items and raincoats always at hand. In May, the average temperature in the city is 14 degrees and the rainfall is 56 millimeters.


The weather condition in Paris throughout the month of June will be warm along with frequent rains. You must also expect surprise thunderstorms these days, so do your packing accordingly. The average temperature in the French capital during the month of June is 17 degrees and rainfall is 56 millimeters.

July to August

This is the summertime in Paris, and hence, you can wear all your light and breathable clothes. Still, you cannot strike out the chances for rains, so keep raincoats or umbrellas at hand. It is to be noted that the average temperature and rainfall during this time of the year are 19 degrees and 56 millimeters respectively.


This is the phase when the summer season slowly changes to winter. So, you can expect both hot and cold weather in September, and it will be wise to pack both warm and breathable clothes. The average temperature in the city is 15 degrees and the rainfall is 53 millimeters throughout the month of September.

October to December

These are the colder months in Paris; the climate will become chillier as the months pass by, making December extremely cold. The average temperature during these three months is 11, 10, and 4 degrees respectively. When it is about rainfall, it is almost stable and ranges from 56 to 49 millimeters.